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31st August 2021 MOST READ THIS MONTH: Could what happened in the Middle East predict Islamic State’s takeover in Africa?
While Islamic State’s presence in its former stronghold of Iraq and Syria has waned since the loss of its final territory over two years ago, the group – and its ideal of a global caliphate – remains very much active, and increasingly focused on the African continent. Senior Regional Analyst for Africa, Viraj Pattni, explores just how likely we are to see an Iraq and Syria-style Islamic State takeover, and self-sustaining caliphate, take place in Africa. ⇒ CONTINUE READING
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 Asian Narcos: the Drug Trade in South-East Asia’s ‘Golden Triangle’ In the latest episode of The Insight, Regional Analyst, Chris Bowe, explains what ‘The Golden Triangle’ is and how it fuels a multi-billion dollar illicit drug trading industry across South-East Asia.
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Whats Happening in Aghanistan copy
MORE FROM THE BLOG:  The first seven days and the current situation in Afghanistan
A concise overview of what was happening in Afghanistan in the first seven days of the Taliban takeover of the country. We take a look at the rapid fall of regional population centres, the taking of Kabul, and the first few days of Taliban rule. ⇒ FIND OUT MORE 
Catch up: How the Donbass conflict between Russia and Ukraine impacts the oil and gas industry
READ [7 MIN]:We’ve provided a brief analysis on the war in the Donbass region and the impacts to/from the Oil and Gas Industry. By looking at the current state of the region, and providing an overview of Ukraine’s oil and gas sector, this report assesses what lies ahead for the war and the oil and gas industry.
Catch up: How the alleged Iran tanker attack in the Gulf fits into the wider Iran-Israel tensions and attacks on shipping in the region
READ [9 MIN]:A British and a Romanian national were killed by an alleged munition drone when transiting al-Masirah Island in the Gulf. Days later, the tanker Asphalt Princess was reportedly hijacked by armed men. We explore what happened during the attacks, the responses we are likely to see, and the context behind the attacks on civilian shipping.