Organ Donation Day

Organ Donation Day – 13 August

Organ donation day Content Marketing Ideas

There has always been a gap in the number of patients who need life-saving organs and the number of people who donate them- but it has never been more apparent than during the pandemic. Fortunately, more people are becoming aware and pledging to donate their organs after death, reducing the dependency on inter-state transportation.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: Here’s a list of the different organs that you can donate
  • Infographic idea: What’s on your organ donor card?
  • Video idea: Here’s why the first few minutes after a person’s death is so crucial for organ donation
  • Podcast idea: What do different religions have to say about organ donation?

Brand campaign that worked:

This poignant video by Fortis Healthcare talks about how organ donation not only saves a life, but can also be a second lease for the loved ones of the deceased to maintain contact with them.