Why maltreatment to Docs and healthworkers?

MalTreatment to Doctors and Healthcare workers
How doctors were man-handled, by the relatives of patients were gory. The reports were damaging and disturbing. As if it was not enough in print media the electronic media also began to show them online and on TV.
I always had a healthy respect for Docs and their support system of health workers. Exceptions are there in all cases where either a doctor overcharged me or a staff misbehaved. But they are not too many. Upon complaining either they apologized or punished by authorities.
I was trying to speak with my friend doctor the other day and the phone was coming engaged. andAfter some time, the ring was not answered. I was still “patient” 🙂 . After a while he called. After pleasantries I was asking how’s business in pandemic when Work from home is a trend. Apps and Online consultations are also getting popular with Docs and patients both. My friend said, yes he has an App, he is now listening to about 10 patients a day over phone after hours. He goes for OPD in a hospital 8am to 4 pm shift now as Covid 19 relaxations are available.
He said, he had a very rough day-end. He had to “straighten out” a patient who is getting his consultation for over 3 years. It so happened, the patient’s husband called the old clinic number seeking appointment. Doctor’s Secretary told him to download their App. She explained the process of booking and payment. The husband booked appointment.
At 7 P.M. when the lady patient did not get the call from Doctor or she informed the husband who lives in a town far away. The husband called the secretary of doctor and asked explanation. The Secretary said, there was no appointment booked. The irate husband said he paid Rs. 1030 instead of normal Rs. 750 consultation fees and was sure the appointment was for 7 PM. He then went ballistic and started using expletives at the secretary. A Junior doctor also tried to explain but she was also showered with abuses.
The Doctor saw the angry faces of his staff and probed and probed. He got the reply that the irate husband of the patient misbehaved. The gentleman had booked appointment for another doctor and paid without double checking.
The Doctor is an ethical man, he teaches medical ethics at few medical colleges in India was livid. He called the patient lady and spoke to her and asked “What happened?” The lady then shared that her husband who lives in another state far away, made this mistake. The Doctor who is a Very Cool Gentleman. He raised his voice with the patient and told her about the abusive behaviour of her husband. He felt terrible, raising his voice with a patient but said, he felt helpless but he cared for his people. He expected the lady’s husband to apologize to his staff for his behaviour. They should have done so immediately once they realized their mistake.
Such incidents are on the rise these days. Security expenditure of hospitals is growing. The CCTV and other security apparatus enhanced. Still the cases do not only occur in rural India but also in the Cities, Urban and Elitist colony hospitals. Abusive behaviour has become common. Treatment to healthworkers is becoming worse. Few cases get reported to Police where they beaten up. Many tend to suppress to protect hospital reputation.
This is a Social ill. The civil society must do a rethink. Especially those Literate and Elites of our society who are indulging in this more and more.