New Eye Lens – New Vision – New Initiative

As the New eye lens completed a month today, I thought of changing my Blog with a new initiative – and display a new vision I am blessed with – by reading many spiritual books in Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi and translations that are giving me new insights .

I thought, instead of boring you with many article links, Quotes, copied articles why not write just one article or short note as the one below every day which the readers MAY find interesting.

So do read the article and let me know what you think?

As Bloggers we have little time to read and like, comment on others’ blogs and I thought this would help me to do that by judiciously using my time.

What is Your “Urgent” Doctor?

I have not dared to ask my Doctor Friend who thinks I am an Any Time Mentor (ATM) and calls when in need of advice.
On occasion, I have called him to discuss matters I thought are dear to him.
We have known each other for over 7 years now and have helped thru thick and thin. I am a Diabetic, have C.A.D. and B.P. apart from Peripheral Neuropathy/ acute arthritis of the Knee. He being a Endocrinologist has also taken over as my General Physician. He likes to approve all my medications, timings and budgets.
When I call him, usually I get a WhatsApp – “Is it Urgent?” Sometimes, I tend to understand and on others I am agitated, perplexed, in wonderment about it.
I have a mind to ask him “What is HIS Urgent?” and what will make him answer to my phone calls with something other than “Is it Urgent?”.
<Google says, there are many meanings of this ADJECTIVE. (And it makes me judgemental as the Toastmaster Grammarian and say that’s wrong usage ! 🙂
adjective: which means “requiring immediate action or attention.”
e.g. “an urgent demand for more state funding”
Similar words: acute grave pressing dire desperate critical crucial
sore serious intense crying burning compelling drastic
extreme life-and-death great very great terrible parlous
Opposite: trivial of an action or event) done
or arranged in response to an urgent situation.
“she needs urgent treatment”
Similar: emergency high-prioritytop-priority
important vital crucial hurried rushed hasty fast
quick rapid swift hurry-up
Opposite:non-urgent elective>
I know my Doc Friend is kind person. If I ask him:
A. He will tell me how he understands the word “Urgent” .
B. He will make me use the other words above and form a good starter sentence such as : “Sorry to Disturb you Doctor,
It is Urgent !”
C. Once the discussion gets over – I would have persuaded my Doc to be a member of Toastmasters and understand what a
Stern, English Teacher, honorable member and Grammarian
does when we finish our speech.
BTW : I am not critical of my doc friend here. I am sincere.  I have liked the Novels like Final Diagnosis, and Watch the OTT Serial ” Good Doctor ” with interest, which I recommend, If you haven’t already read/ watched. 
©Dhananjay Parkhe