Motivational Quotes in Marathi

Motivational Quotes in Marathi अपयश म्हणजे संकट नव्हे; आपल्याला योग्य मार्गावर आणणारे ते मार्गस्थ दगड आहेत. अखंड यशाने आपल्या जीवनाची केवळ एकच बाजू कळते. दुसरी बाजू कळण्यासाठी अपयशाची जरुरी असते. आपण चंदन असल्याची घोषणा चंदनाला कधीच करावी लागत नाही. त्याचा गंध वाऱ्याबरोबर आपोआप पसरत जातो. असत्य हे अपंग प्राण्याप्रमाणे असते, दुसऱ्याच्या आधाराशिवाय ते कधीच उभे राहू शकत … Continue reading Motivational Quotes in Marathi


WORD OF THE DAY Citadel SID-ə-del Part of speech: noun origin: French, mid 16th century 1A fortress, typically on high ground, protecting or dominating a city.   Examples of Citadel in a sentence "The soldiers prepared to fall back to the citadel before dark." "The king ordered the construction of a moat to further secure the citadel."

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FS | BRAIN FOOD Sunday Brain Food is a weekly newsletter full of timeless ideas and insights. FS Read "Good thinkers understand a simple truth: you can’t make good decisions without good thinking and good thinking requires time. If you want to think better, schedule time to think and hone your understanding of the problem." … Continue reading Newsletter: Farnam Street…

New Eye Lens – New Vision – New Initiative

As the New eye lens completed a month today, I thought of changing my Blog with a new initiative - and display a new vision I am blessed with - by reading many spiritual books in Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi and translations that are giving me new insights . I thought, instead of boring you with … Continue reading New Eye Lens – New Vision – New Initiative


WORD OF THE DAY Labellumlə-BEL-əmPart of speech: nounOrigin: Latin, early 19th century 1(Botany) A central petal at the base of an orchid flower, typically larger than the other petals and of a different shape.2(Entomology) Each of a pair of lobes at the tip of the proboscis in some insects.   Examples of Labellum in a sentence "Houseflies have a fused … Continue reading W.O.T.D.

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Football season 2021-22 While some people might still be a little hungover from the Euro 2021, which ended in July, most fans will be looking forward to a new season. After a tight schedule last year, August will kick off the 2021-22 football season with domestic leagues, such as the English Premier League, La Liga, … Continue reading Via: Scatter Newsletter I like and subscribe