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Avatar Meher Baba – Universal prayer, prayer of Repentence and Beloved God.

Universal Prayer (Master’s Prayer)Given by Meher Baba on 13 September 1953 O Parvardigar — the Preserver and Protector of all!You are without Beginning, and without End,Non-dual, beyond comparison, and nonecan measure You.You are without colour, without expression,without form, and without attributes.You are unlimited and unfathomable,beyond imagination and conception,eternal and imperishable.You are indivisible; and none can … Continue reading Avatar Meher Baba – Universal prayer, prayer of Repentence and Beloved God.

Festivals and Birthdays this month

Festivals – August 2021 Parsi New Year – 16 August Muharram/ Ashura – 19 August Onam – 21 August Raksha Bandhan – 22 August Janmashtami – 30 August   Content marketing ideas:    Listicle idea: How is Parsi New year celebrated throughout the world? Infographic idea: Alternative gifts for your siblings this Raksha Bandhan Video idea: … Continue reading Festivals and Birthdays this month

Fun days this month

Fun days – August 2021 International Clown Week – 1-7 August International Friendship Day – 1 August International Childfree Day – 1 August International Clouded Leopard Day – 4 August International Beer Day – 6 August International Cat Day – 8 August World Lion Day – 10 August World Calligraphy Day – 11 August World … Continue reading Fun days this month

Did the world celebrate this?

World Breastfeeding Week – 1-7 August There has been a growing awareness and de-stigmatization of women’s bodies across the world. Breastfeeding, in particular, has become one of those activities that women have reclaimed in public spaces. This week aims to celebrate and promote the practice of breastfeeding. Content marketing ideas:    Listicle idea: What should first-time … Continue reading Did the world celebrate this?

Via: Scatter Newsletter I like and subscribe

August 2021 – Scatter Content Calendar BY SCATTERCONTENT 7 MIN READ With Covid-19 cases dropping, states opening up economic activities, and the subsequent lifting of restrictions, it seems everything might go back to normal- with some caveats. But that also puts the focus on safe travel and timely vaccinations to prevent another wave of infection. August … Continue reading Via: Scatter Newsletter I like and subscribe

Insight of the Day

Failing Forward The best way to teach our children to succeed is to teach them to fail. After all, if getting everything you want on the first try is success, and everything else is failure, we all fail much more often than we succeed. People who learn how to grow from unsuccessful efforts succeed more … Continue reading Insight of the Day

Purple Heart Day

Did you know... ... that today is Purple Heart Day? The Purple Heart is a combat decoration and our nation's oldest military medal. It was first created by General George Washington in 1782 and was known as the Badge of Military Merit. The Badge of Military Merit was made of cloth and was the predecessor … Continue reading Purple Heart Day

Motivational Thought in Marathi

Motivational Thought in Marathi रस्ता भरकटला असाल तर योग्य रस्ता निवडण्याची हीच वेळ आहे. एकावेळी एकच काम करा, पण असे करा की जग त्या कामाची दखल घेईल. क्षेत्र कोणतेही असो प्रभाव वाढू लागला की तुमची बदनामी होणं अटळ असतं. कारण सांगणारी लोक यशस्वी होत नाही.. आणि यशस्वी होणारे लोक कारण सांगत नाही. जर तुम्हाला कोणी … Continue reading Motivational Thought in Marathi

Inspirational Quotes in Marathi

Inspirational Quotes in Marathi यशाचा उत्तम मार्ग म्हणजे अजुन एकदा प्रयत्न करने होय. भरलेला खिसा माणसाला दुनिया दाखवतो, रिकामा खिसा मात्र दुनियेतील माणसं दाखवतो. क्रोधाच्या एका क्षणी संयम राखला तर पश्चातापाचे शंभर क्षण वाचतात. तलाव जेव्हा पाण्याने भरतो, तेव्हा मासे किड्यांना खात असतात, तलावतलं पाणी संपून कोरडा होतो, तेव्हा किडे मास्यांना खात असतात, संधी सगळ्यांना … Continue reading Inspirational Quotes in Marathi