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Friday 6th August 2021
Hi Dhananjaya, Here’s your weekly rundown of the global security landscape, highlighting key incidents that have taken place from each region in the last seven days; 
Intelligence Insight Weekly - What's Happening in Asia?
MIDDLE EAST & ASIAIsrael and LebanonOn 4th August, two rockets were fired into northern Israel from southern Lebanon, with a third reportedly failing to make it into Israel before crashing. Israeli authorities said that no casualties were reported, and that a small grass fire was caused by the rocket blasts. Although no claim of responsibility for the attack has been made by any group, southern Lebanon is heavily influence by Iran backed Hezbollah. Israeli Defence Minister, Benny Gantz, said he believed a Palestinian faction operating in southern Lebanon would be responsible. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Israeli forces fired artillery into Lebanon. Lebanese authorities said the artillery fire caused a fire in the town of Rashaya al-Fokh. On 5th August, Israeli jets conducted air strikes on alleged rocket launch sites in Lebanon, as well as an area previously used to launch rockets. The airstrikes were said to be the first in Lebanon since 2006 and have been denounced by Lebanese President, Michel Aoun.
Insight Weekly - Europe Image
EUROPEItalyOn 1st August, a cyber attack was carried out against the Lazio Regional Government’s IT systems. The attack has apparently originated from outside of Italy and has disabled much of the IT infrastructure in the form of a ransomware attack. The Lazio Regional government is responsible for handling bookings for COVID-19 vaccinations and also contains health data for high profile Italians which include Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and President, Sergio Mattarella. Authorities are treating this as a potential terrorist attack and – at the time of writing – have not been able to regain access to their systems and data. This incident comes at a time of unrest throughout the country. The government’s plans to impose mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations have been met with growing hostility by Italians. The ransomware attack will likely affect the availability of vaccines to Rome and will possibly create perceptions of the Italian government departments being unable to protect sensitive data. These two factors will possibly see hostility towards mandatory vaccinations, an increase in lockdowns, and with it, increased potential for protests/riots.
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Intelligence Insight Weekly - What's Happening in Africa?
AFRICAAccra, GhanaOn 4th August, Thousands of protesters gathered in Accra to take part in the youth-led #FixTheCountry anti-government protest march. The movement, which began as a social media hashtag, has gathered momentum online over the past month causing a larger number of protesters to gather for the latest protest which took place less than a month after a previous protest was organised by the movement. The #FixTheCountry movement was born out of a frustration among youths with economic hardship. However, placards held by some during protests, and organisers of the demonstrations, have also expressed anger at infrastructural inadequacies, police violence, corruption and access to healthcare and education. Although the Ghanaian economy has been among the fastest growing economies in Africa in recent years, the growth in employment figures has lagged behind. The impact of COVID-19 has also hurt economic growth and increased taxes and a rise in the cost of basic necessities has exacerbated pressure on household budgets.
Insight Weekly - North America Image
NORTH AMERICAFlorida, USABetween 27th July and 1st August, multiple law enforcement agencies conducted a sting operation coined “Operation Child Protector”. During the operation, undercover officers posed as minors on social media platforms, mobile apps, and online dating sites, and were subsequently contacted by 17 individuals who thought they were children between the ages of 13 and 14. The suspects were lured to an undisclosed location in Polk County where they believed they would meet the ‘children’ in order to sexually assault them. Charges faced by the suspects range from traveling to meet a minor for sex, attempted lewd battery, use of a computer to seduce a child, to the unlawful use of a two-way communication device and giving false information to a law enforcement officer. While establishing contact with the undercover officers, it was also alleged that several of the suspects transmitted pornographic material, and were additionally charged with transmitting material harmful to a minor. Amongst those arrested were three Walt Disney World employees and a registered nurse. All of the suspects were from Florida, except for one individual who had travelled to the state from California.
Insight Weekly - South America Image
SOUTH AMERICAChileDuring the week of 2nd August, several protests by artisanal fishermen were recorded across Chile. The protests were organised to demand that artisanal fishermen be included in the recipients of the SME Relief Bonus from the government. Those involved are divers, shipowners, and artisanal fishermen who claim not be considered in this aid by the government, since they are not in the Artisanal Fisheries register. Protesters blocked several highways, bridges, and protested near ports, including using burning barricades and clashing with the police. The activities of the protesters caused significant disruption for traffic in the areas where they took place, and there were reports that the activities caused fuel shortages in the likes of Ancud due to the disruption in traffic.
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