News from the Future: IFTF

Signals From the Future

🏊  AirBnB, but for swimming pools

When he noticed a neighbor’s pool that was rarely in use, Bunim Laskin came up with what is possibly the World’s Greatest Summer Idea. (Will lifeguarding become a gig?)

☁️  Advertisers want to program your dreams

Folks have always hacked sleep. But after Coors tried to slip their beer’s brand into unconscious minds, a cognitive neuroscientist is now calling for curbs on “targeted dream incubation.”

🚽  Toilet turns poop into power—and digital currency

In networked health, a South Korean professor has designed the BeeVi, a toilet that turns human waste into methane fuel; those who “go” can earn virtual currency. Hold the door!

 🍎  Leather-alternative fabric made from apple pulp

Speaking of waste, Beyond Leather combines apple waste with natural rubber to make Leap, which feels like the real stuff and whose production emits 85% less CO2 than leather’s.

 😶  Humans are becoming less creative

A University of William and Mary researcher who analyzed 300,000 test scores found that creativity began to nosedive in 1990. Turns out we’re too busy and entertained for it to fully blossom.