DMT: the strongest psychedelic you’ve never heard of

Seth Godin’s Newsletter: Directed Marketing

* Directed marketing [ %5D There are ten people. If those ten people were aware of what you do, trusted you and were enrolled in the journey of change you seek to make… They might each encourage ten people to join in. And that group of 100 people might be able and willing to help you … Continue reading Seth Godin’s Newsletter: Directed Marketing

Best Newsletters I subscribe: James Clear – 3-2-1 Thursday.

“The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.” 3-2-1: How to find opportunities, and what it takes to improve read onJAMESCLEAR.COM | JULY 22, 2021 Happy 3-2-1 Thursday, Here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question to consider this week... ​ ​ 3 Ideas From Me I. "Not being busy is a competitive … Continue reading Best Newsletters I subscribe: James Clear – 3-2-1 Thursday.

Did you know…

Did you know... ... that today is Toucan Sam's Birthday? In 1963, Kellogg's introduced the Froot Loops breakfast cereal to a hungry world. Toucan Sam, the mascot for Froot Loops, first appeared on television to introduce the cereal by saying, "It tastes like fruit - and goes crunch to boot!" Celebrate today by wolfing down … Continue reading Did you know…