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July – The monsoon with all its hope, trials and tribulationsThere is something magical about July. The sky is overcast, the temperatures have dropped, and the scorching summer heat is a distant memory. This time, many of us are also praying that the rain washes away the memories of the difficult summer of 2021. We can always see the signs of invigorated hope all around us. People might cautiously decide to step out of their homes to resume their normal lives, yet again. With schools and colleges mulling reopening, students will be eager to interact with their peers on campus. The threat might not be gone- but committing to social distancing and taking vaccinations on time seem to be the long-term solution that could help us go back to the happy-go-era of mask-less socializing. Until then, it looks like we might still be in the home stretch to beat the pandemic.  However, staying indoors for a little while longer isn’t bad- you can still continue your efforts to connect with your customers. From World Youth Skills Day to International Day of Friendship, this month is chock-a-bloc with events that can help you initiate conversations and further your brand’s #contentmarketing efforts. Read our July blog to see what Scatter Recommends
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