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29th June 2021 MOST READ THIS MONTH: Insurgency in Mozambique: Oil and Gas under threat?
The insurgency in Mozambique hit international headlines in early 2021 following a multi-pronged, well-organised and deadly attack on Palma – just a few kilometres away from one of Mozambique’s oil and gas interests at the multi-billion dollar Total Energy site in Afungi. Senior Regional Analyst for Africa, Viraj Pattni, explores the origins, background, tactics, targets and significant activities of the group behind these attacks, and takes a look at some possible scenarios going forward, and the threat level presented by the Mozambique insurgency. ⇒ CONTINUE READING
 War in Afghanistan: What does it mean for the future of the TAPI Gas Pipeline? The latest episode of The Insight explores the ongoing conflict between the Taliban and Afghanistan’s security forces that has created severe, widespread insecurity in the country, a situation that could be further exacerbated by the planned US withdrawal from Afghanistan by 11th September 2021.
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MORE FROM THE BLOG:  A guide to threat intelligence for the mining industry
Our guide to threat intelligence for mining provides an overview of the traditional and emerging threats to your industry in 2021, as well as outlining a practical approach to how you can use threat intelligence for mitigating the risk and proactively protecting your people and assets.  ⇒ FIND OUT MORE 
Catch up: Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean – The Geopolitical Impact of Greece/Turkey relations
READ [5 MIN]:Conflict between Greece and Turkey, with overlapping claims of sovereignty in Agean and Eastern Mediterranean seas leading to regular clashes and occasional significant flare-ups, caused the EU and US to call for de-escalation at a recent NATO summit. We took a look at this ongoing ‘frozen conflict’ and the likelihood of any escalation between the two countries.
Catch up: Instability and insurgency in the Sahel – The key security risks to gold mining operations
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READ [5 MIN]:A deadly insurgency being waged by Al Qaeda and Islamic State affiliated jihadists, a fragile political situation, severe levels of poverty and weak state authority are just some of the security challenges being faced across the borders of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. Our report dives deep into the risks facing companies looking to capitalise on the region’s rich gold resources.
Coming Soon: What Does the Future of the Oil and Gas Security Look Like?
Coming Soon - OandG Security 2021
FREE GUIDE:Look out for an exclusive threat intelligence guide to the oil and gas industry, and what the future of security in the industry may look like
Coming Soon: Kidnap and Ransom Activity in South America 
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INTELLIGENCE REPORT:An Intelligence Fusion report covering recent kidnap and ransom activity in Central and South America – and how it might impact the extractive sector
Brexit and Northern Ireland
 The Insight: Brexit and Northern Ireland In the next episode of the Insight video series, Regional Analyst Scott MacDonald will explain the ongoing security situation in Northern Ireland, and reactions in the country to Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see it.
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