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Ideas from around the web

A16Z argues that SaaS companies should move back from the cloud to their own data centres once they scale. Link

A review of a Philips Hue wall switch module unintentionally makes the case that smart lighting, and a lot of other smart home, is a waste of time only good for hobbyists. Link

Worth looking at the quarterly filings from Roku and (especially) Vizio to see how much of their profits come from selling advertising. Link: VizioRoku

NY Times profile of the US Democratic Party’s CSO – the man whose job was to make sure they didn’t get hacked again. Link ($)

Meanwhile, FireEye has a report saying that a lot of hacks are crimes of opportunity: unsophisticated attackers find unlocked doors. Link

How SoundScan changed everything we knew about popular music – by replacing phone calls to record stores to ask what was selling with actual data, Country and Hiphop were suddenly revealed as far more popular than most people had believed. Link

The new retail experiences online. Link

Wired piece on how the Chinese hacked RSA (makers of all those code number tokens we all had) back in 2011. A spreadsheet email attachment that exploited a bug in Flash on a random PC, and an air-gapped server that wasn’t air-gapped. Link ($)