New Age popycock… auto generated

Nothing is impossible.

We exist as ultrasonic energy. Wonder is a constant.

This vision quest never ends.

You and I are messengers of the quantum cycle. This life is nothing short of a summoning lightning bolt of transformative presence. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is gratitude.

The world is calling to you via electromagnetic resonance. Can you hear it? Have you found your circuit? It can be difficult to know where to begin.

Although you may not realize it, you are non-local. How should you navigate this powerful infinite? Lifeform, look within and beckon yourself.

Where there is greed, manna cannot thrive.

If you have never experienced this vector of the creative act, it can be difficult to live. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the world via morphic resonance. Who are we? Where on the great journey will we be awakened?