Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is Lipton’s Birthday? On his birthday in 1871, Thomas J. Lipton opened his first food shop, the beginning of the Lipton grocery store chain and later, in 1890, the Lipton Tea Company. Drink a glass of tea today!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”

— Henry David Thoreau

WILL corporate Greed prolong the Pandemic


Extremely likely. Especially in India with the Self-Proclaimed Godmen making a case for similar pandemits (4-5 ) till 2027-28 – the Balance sheets of the Profiteer, Pharma companies are VERY SECURE.

THE amount of lethargy that exists in Drug Price control in Govt. of India smacks of hand-in-glove conspiracy of government itself as majority of the Pharma units are in Modi’s Gujarat.

God Save us.

Courtesy: Intelligence Fusion Newsletter

ere’s your weekly rundown of the global security landscape, highlighting key incidents that have taken place from each region in the last seven days; 
Intelligence Insight Weekly - What's Happening in Asia?
MIDDLE EAST & ASIAMaldivesOn 6th May, the former president of the Maldives was wounded by an IED outside of his home in Malé. It is not clear whether the attack was politically motivated or a terror-related incident. Violent incidents in the Maldives are rare, however, Maldives nationals have been recruited into foreign groups raising fears regarding radicalised fighters returning to the Maldives. Maldives nationals have been known to have been recruited into Islamic State and other extremist groups in ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Islamic State or other extremist group attacks are rare in the Maldives, with two terror-related incidents recorded in the last two years. In April 2020, Islamic State claimed responsibility for an arson attack in Mahibadhoo, causing no casualties. In October 2019, an Islamic State recruiter was arrested in the Maldives, allegedly with connections to Islamic State – Khorosan Province (Islamic State’s Afghan affiliate). 
Insight Weekly - Europe Image
EUROPEUkrainePrior analysis on the situation in Ukraine has been confirmed on an almost regular basis during April. However, monitoring of the situation has begun to provide what could be the tipping point for the standoff in Donbass to return to previous levels of warfare.

In prior analysis, it was noticed that UAV missions being conducted by the OSCE’s monitoring mission were being frequently subject to electronic warfare/jamming. Not only has this increased (there have been several occasions where UAVs were jammed following take-off) but has also seen multiple incidents of these UAVs being targeted with small arms fire. In addition, a recent monitoring patrol had their vehicle hit by small arms fire at least twice (no prior incidents like this have been noticed).

Furthermore, Russian equipment has continued to come into the region with recent sightings of UAZ Esaul armoured ‘technical’ vehicles; and ceasefire violations appear to be featuring 122mm and 152mm artillery rounds.

While the tensions are increasing, it is possible that the OSCE’s presence in the region is what is preventing a return to full scale war. Both sides appear to be targeting the OSCE’s patrols in order to force them to leave Donbass, and thus hinder the ability for external parties to monitor the situation. Should the OSCE’s UAV missions become completely ineffective – or the OSCE is forced out of Donbass – a return to full scale war similar to or worse than 2014 will likely occur.
 Check out prior analysis of the Donbass situation in our April briefing
Intelligence Insight Weekly - What's Happening in Africa?
AFRICADR CongoPresident Tshisekedi announced a “state of siege” in the North Kivu and Ituri provinces for 30 days starting from 6th May 2021. The decision was made after consultations with the Prime Minister and the Presidents of two chambers of Parliament. The decision comes after weeks of protests across the country – particularly in eastern DRC – against insecurity to demand the departure of MONUSCO, the UN peacekeeping mission. Attacks by the Islamic State-linked Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and other armed groups as well as inter-communal violence has left more than 300 dead since the start of 2021, leading many to accuse MONUSCO and authorities of failing to protect civilians. Protests broke out in the Majengo District of Goma against the state of siege on the morning of 6th May. With the military and police taking over positions held by civilians, some have expressed concern over the impact of civil liberties. Additionally, recent protests against insecurity resulted in the deaths of many civilians at the hands of the military and police. Without significant improvement in the coming weeks and months, relations between residents in eastern DR Congo and authorities could further weaken and anti-government sentiment will likely grow. 
Insight Weekly - North America Image
NORTH AMERICANew York City, USAA series of anti-Asian hate crimes were reported across the city over the weekend of 1st-2nd May, including victims being physically assaulted, with one woman attacked by a man armed with a hammer in Manhattan. Other incidents saw an Asian-American woman pushed towards the train tracks at a subway station in Brooklyn, and several cases of racist language being used. The rise in anti-Asian hate crimes has been linked to rhetoric regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, with studies claiming that there has been an 164% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in the first three months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. Consequently, the U.S. Senate has passed the ‘COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act’ to try and tackle the rise in incidents.
Insight Weekly - South America Image
SOUTH AMERICARio de Janeiro, BrazilPolice in Rio de Janeiro launched an operation in the early hours of 6th May in the Jacarezinho favela of the city. The operation was reportedly launched after reports that the gang controlling the community was recruiting children, among other crimes such as drug trafficking, robberies, kidnappings and murders. The operation led to an intense firefight in which at least 25 people were killed. One of those killed was a police officer. Additionally, two civilians on a metro train were wounded after being struck by gunfire. Local residents have said that the police used excessive force and executed individuals, something which the representative for the Civil Police denied afterwards. The Police Chief of the city has said that the casualty count was the largest for a police operation in the city. Police operations in the favelas of the city have been criticised before for excessive force against civilians. Before this operation, the number of deaths in shootouts had decreased since June 2020 after a court had ruled to restrict the ability for police to conduct operations in favelas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Favelas in Rio de Janeiro are often controlled by criminal factions or militias, and police operations within them often lead to shootouts.
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State of Policing in Europe - YT Thumbnail [Apr21]
Policing in a Pandemic – what is the current state of policing in Europe? The latest episode of The Insight explores the current state of policing across Europe, particularly since the lockdowns were imposed. We take a look at the worsening anti-lockdown protests, the threat of left and right wing extremists, and the increased opportunities for organised crime, before examining what impact this may have had on public perception of the police, and on police morale itself.
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Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today, besides being Mother’s Day in many countries (Happy Mother’s Day!), is Wild West Show Day? On this day in 1887, Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show opened in London, giving Queen Victoria and her subjects their first look at real cowboys and Indians. Cody remained on the road with the show for 30 years and performed in other similar shows before his death in 1917. More than 18,000 attended the great showman’s funeral, and thousands of visitors a year still flock to his gravesite on Lookout Mountain above Denver.


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”

— Author Unknown

PIB Delhi. DG AFMS gets nod to recruit Ex-AMC/SSC medical officers

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
09 MAY 2021 11:53AM by PIB DelhiDG AFMS gets nod to recruit Ex-AMC/SSC medical officers

The Ministry of Defence has issued an order to Directorate General Armed Forces Medical Services (DG AFMS) for recruitment of Ex-Army Medical Corps (AMC)/Short Service Commission (SSC) medical officers. Under the ‘Tour of Duty’ scheme, 400 ex-AMC/SSC medical officers, released between 2017 and 2021, are expected to be recruited on contract basis for a maximum period of 11 months. 

The order, dated May 08, 2021, says fixed monthly lump sum amount will be admissible by deducting the basic pension from the salary drawn at the time of retirement plus specialist pay wherever applicable. The amount would remain unchanged for the term of the contract and no other allowances would be paid. The medical officers to be recruited are required to be medically fit as per civilian standards. 

It may be recalled that Ministry of Defence has taken several steps to mobilise additional manpower to assist the civil administration to tide over the current COVID-19 situation. The AFMS has already deployed additional doctors, including specialists, super specialists and paramedics, at various hospitals, while Short Service Commissioned doctors of AFMS have been granted extension till December 31, 2021 which has augmented the strength by 238 more doctors. Medical professionals, recently retired from AFMS, have also been redeployed to further bolster the work force of health professionals. 

In addition, ex-Defence doctors have been roped in to provide online free consultation on e-Sanjeevani OPD to all citizens of the country. The service can be availed on the website https://esanjeevaniopd.in/. Additional contractual staff has also been temporarily hired in 51 high pressure Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) polyclinics for night duty for three months to cater to the veterans and their dependents.


Birthdays in May 2021

Birthdays: May 2021


Anushka Sharma – 1 May

Satyajit Ray – 2 May

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – 2 May

Aruna Irani – 3 May

Henry Cavill – 5 May

Adele – 5 May

Motilal Nehru – 6 May

George Clooney – 6 May

Enrique Iglesias – 8 May

Prakriti Kakar – 8 May

Rosario Dawson – 9 May

Domhnall Gleeson – 12 May

G Balakrishnan – 12 May

Sunny Leone – 13 May

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – 13 May

Robert Pattinson – 13 May

Stevie Wonder – 13 May

Lillette Dubey– 13 May

Waheeda Rahman – 14 May

George Lucas – 14 May

Madhuri Dixit – 15 May

Pierce Brosnan – 16 May

Craig Ferguson – 17 May

Tina Fey – 18 May

Ali Zafar – 18 May

Manushi Chillar – 18 May

Nawazuddin Siddiqui – 19 May

Ruskin Bond – 19 May

Sam Smith – 19 May

Timothy Olyphant – 20 May

Aditya Chopra – 21 May

Naomi Campbell – 22 May

Bob Dylan – 24 May

Rajesh Roshan – 24 May

Kunal Khemu – 25 May

Karan Johar – 25 May

Ian McKellen – 25 May

Cillian Murphy – 25 May

Helena Bonham Carter – 26 May

Pankaj Kapoor – 29 May

Paresh Rawal – 30 May

Clint Eastwood – 31 May

Vir Das – 31 May

Sobhita Dhulipala – 31 May


EquableEK-wə-blPart of speech: adjectiveOrigin: Latin, mid 17th century
1(of a person) Not easily disturbed or angered; calm and even-tempered.2Not varying or fluctuating greatly.
Examples of Equable in a sentence “Dad is easier to bargain with because of his equable personality.” “The sea was equable and glassy, with not a single wave in sight.”

What is IAF Doing during COVID19 Crisis

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence

   The IAF is operating a Covid Air Support Management Cell (CASMC) at Palam Air Base since 27 Apr 21. The primary task of the cell is to efficiently coordinate for the distribution of all the relief aid coming from foreign countries. 

            The cell is operational round the clock. Resources have been coordinated to cater for surge operations which include manpower, ground handling and loading eqpt and vehicles like flat top trailers and fork lifters. 

One C-130 and two AN-32 transport aircraft are operating at Palam from 28 Apr 21 to air lift load on short notice across the country. A mock drill for such an emergency airlift was also carried out on 29 Apr 21, to streamline coordination amongst various stakeholders. 

            Communication links with all important stakeholders like MoHFW, Secy COVID, Hindustan Latex Limited (HLL) and the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) have been established for seamless flow of information and to reduce time delays. A meeting with Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), Air India SATS and Air Force Movement Liaison Unit was held to streamline custom and warehousing related issues.