Global Road Safety Week – 6-12 May 2021

Global Road Safety Week – 6-12 May 2021

Road safety

Every year, 1.5 billion people die of road injuries. Road Safety Week is observed by the UN to create and propagate safety measures that can reduce the number of deaths on our roads.

Content marketing ideas:   

  • Listicle idea: X Tips to stay cool if you’re stuck in rush hour traffic
  • Infographic idea: Heading out on a road trip? Stock your car with these emergency supplies
  • Video idea: What should you do if you are in a car accident?
  • Podcast idea: How can you conquer your fear of driving?

Brand campaign that worked:

This ad by the Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala shows the story of a family who was impacted by a car accident and how, surprisingly, it’s the child who realizes the full impact of a small action.