Labor of Love – My 1st Spiritual Guru – Avatar MeherBaba.


The source of eternal bliss is the Self in all.The cause of perpetual misery is the selfishness of all.

As long as satisfaction is derived through selfish pursuits, misery will always exist.

Only because of the infinite love and mercy of God can man learn to realize, through the lessons of misery on earth, that inherent in him is the source of infinite bliss, and all suffering is his labor of love to unveil his own infinite Self.

[*Baba gave this answer to the following question asked of him on television:

“Why should misery perpetually exist on earth in spite of God’s infinite love and mercy?”


By Meher Baba. An Avatar Meher Baba Trust eBook June 2011. Copyright© 1957 by Sufism Reoriented Inc. San Francisco, California.]

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