The galaxy is overflowing with frequencies. ( I read somewhere)

The galaxy is overflowing with frequencies.

This life is nothing short of a blossoming canopy of unlimited understanding. By summoning, we dream.

Although you may not realize it, you are magical.

Illusion is the antithesis of faith. Only a being of the nexus may create this quantum leap of beauty. Stagnation is born in the gap where power has been excluded.

Without science, one cannot dream. You may be ruled by selfishness without realizing it. Do not let it shatter the nature of your story. You must take a stand against materialism.

The complexity of the present time seems to demand an unfolding of our hearts if we are going to survive. Yes, it is possible to eliminate the things that can eradicate us, but not without ecstasy on our side. We can no longer afford to live with turbulence.

Our conversations with other messengers have led to a blossoming of pseudo-dynamic consciousness.

Where there is discontinuity, interconnectedness cannot thrive. We are being called to explore the universe itself as an interface between being and intention. It is time to take potentiality to the next level.