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🎉 Hey Failories! It’s Nico here.

Failory’s 3.0 is live (along with the Amazon Cemetery and Tools page), we’re currently featured on Product Hunt, 2 new interviews, and many more updates and resources – let’s start!news & interview 📢

🚀 Launching Failory 3.0! After 4 weeks of working on the new website design, it’s finally live! I’d love to hear your feedback on the new colors, structure, images, and projects. You can check Failory 3.0 here.

😸 Failory 3.0 is featured on Product Hunt. I love the PH community and couldn’t avoid posting it there (thanks to my friend Bram Kanstein for hunting us). If you like the new site, I’d appreciate it if you could take a minute to give it an upvote and comment on the PH post.

💀 +50 Amazon failures analyzed. Along with the new website, I’ve launched the Amazon Cemetery, which consists of short analyses on why have +50 Amazon projects (, and products (Fire Phone, Tap) failed. Here’s the link.
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🛠 +80 tools for startup founders. We used to have a project within Failory called Entrepreneurial Lists, where we collected resources for entrepreneurs. Along with the new website, I’ve launched the improved-version of that project, called Tools. Find it out here.

💀 The struggles of a failed marketplace. This week, Dani got to interview the founder of Teacher Finder, a marketplace for language teachers which never took off due to its struggle to balance supply and demand. Here’s the whole story.
🔴 Learn to leverage trends and optimize your business in 2021.

What is task automation and how can it save your time? Why can you charge a premium on carbon neutral products? How can you bootstrap an audience from 0 to 6k?
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💰 Making $650k/mo in the Health industry. We had the chance to interview Gareth Mahon, founder of The CareSide, a home care service he started with no experience in the industry. 4 years since its start, he hopes to be turning over $10M in revenue. Here’s the whole story.

📢 Dani officially joined the Failory team. Another huge announcement is that I’m no longer running Failory on my own. Dani Díez, about who I wrote here, has officially joined me to work on the interviews, Cemetery projects, blog experiments, and more.

📚 I’m back to Zoom university. My holidays have finished and I’m already back to taking 3-4 classes per day. With the help of Dani and Carissa, another Failory team member, I might be able to keep launching new things at the same pace as I’ve been doing in the last months. Here are some thoughts I have about Zoom university.

🧠 Reminder. I’d  appreciate it if you could take a minute to support us on Product Hunt. I’d also love you to reply to this email letting me know what you think about the new design and if you’ve found any bugs.

what I’m reading 👀

@lennysan‘s new article on content marketing as a growth strategy for startups. Like all of his stuff, it’s super detailed and it includes first-hand quotes from industry experts.

This interesting guide (based on the writer’s real experience) on how to get a job in venture capital by standing out of the crowd.

A deep dive into how SaaS Bonjoro has grown its user base through PR outreach, podcast appearances, content collaborations, and webinars.

This article (from a newsletter I’ve lately been enjoying a lot) on the different methods to finance website acquisitions and the pros and cons of each.That’s all for this week. I hope you like the new website design and projects launched, as well as the interviews and resources I’ve shared in this email.

Please let me know if you have any feedback on the new site. And if you have a minute, consider supporting us on Product Hunt!

Talk you next week.

– Nico