Hi All!

Here is What I do daily:

Health Ckeck : Blood Pressure, Weight, Temperature, SPO2 % and Every Week on Saturday Blood Sugar – FBS and PPBS.

I like to check Bio-rhythm and count the Heart Points on the Google Fit.

Writing I do 2nd thing in the morning is about:

Writing my Gita Diary and translating and mull over the Shloka I translate from Hindi/Sanskrit to Marathi.

Writing a Prayer – An Aarti

Writing a Useful Doha (Couplet) In HIndi, Brijbhasha, Bhojpuri

Write my Daily Budget in another small Diary – Now that I do not earn anything other than FD Interest and a meagre pension I need to keep a watch on all my expenses. The Medical expenses for the same Prescription my Docs haven’t changed – I now pay 500% in this MODI – BJP – NDA regime . Surely, Achhe Din for the Pharma industry especially the Insulin manufacturers and I am sure Seniors like me with co-morbidities and Diabetes must be cursing overtly or under breat to this government. Many of my so-called friends who do not like my comments to the PM/ HM about their inertia, inattentiveness, Cognitive dissonance have left me or blocked me on Social Media and I than the 10 Tech Giants for helping me find finally in my 68th Year who are my real friends, acquaintances and well-wishers clearly, without an iota of doubt.

Treat I’m enjoying – Yesterday was Pizza at Home day and Wife and Daughter cooked nice Corn, Capsicum Pizza. Saturday and Sunday Breakfast is NOT Oatmeal/Milk, Walnuts. – IT was Idly, Chutney, Sambar with Moringa to help take care of the sciatica pain, back pain for elderly like me.

What I’m watching (short)PlantowatchsomethingdifferentandnewonNetflixtoday.

What I’m reading — Just Surfing the web, Twitter and Whatsapp University forwards on my groups.

Quote I’m pondering —“Autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful. A man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying, since any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats.”— George Orwell. From Tim Farries Blog newsletter.