Another Budget 2021 – Another Damp Squib.

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February  traditionally marks the last full month of winter, and this year, many hope that it will also mark the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the vaccine drives. Whether people want to go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones or make a change in society on World Day of Social Justice, capture their upbeat mood by engaging your audience in fruitful conversations with these thought-starters.  

What’s new in February 2021?  

Budget 2021 on 1 February  

Content Marketing ideas on 21 Budget

Content marketing ideas: 

  • Listicle idea: Budget 2021 highlights 
  • Infographic idea: What sectors does Budget 2021 focus on? 
  • Video idea: What is the ‘halwa ceremony’ that happens before every budget? 
  • Podcast idea: How does the union budget affect your savings and investments? 

IRCTC to resume e-catering from February 

February content marketing ideas

Content marketing ideas: 

  • Listicle idea: X Dishes you should (and shouldn’t) order while traveling 
  • Infographic idea: Where have e-catering services resumed? 
  • Video idea: Here’s how you can book your food with Indian Railways 
  • Podcast idea: How have the Indian Railways improved the quality of the food they serve? 

FASTag deadline extended to 15 February  

Content marketing ideas: 

  • Listicle idea: Where can you purchase FASTags? 
  • Infographic idea: What are the components of a FASTag 
  • Video idea: How can you recharge your FASTag? 
  • Podcast idea: How does a FASTag help in toll charge collection? 

Disappointing budget for Senior Citizens 60+, Retired, Veterans and Geriatrics and this uncreative, Jumlebaaz government’s FM again chose to make fun of us by coining another Headline for her own pleasure and satisfaction and perhaps for her coterie and mutual admiration society.

This government does not understand Tax Economics.

This government does not know the impact of its own decisions.

For e.g. if there is a scheme for seriors above 75 then how many people approx. likely to get benefit of what is the SMART goal or if there is one.

Modi government is reduced to hollow promises called Jumlas and it has totally forgotten its own SANKALP PATRA 75 which found no mention in Budget 2021 . This is LACK OF INTEGRITY AND I have lost trust in their hollow promises and the socalled SEVAK attitude.