Kabir Dohe for Introspecting Self

Kaami Krodhi Laalchi, Inse Bhakti Naa Hoye |
Bhakti Kare Koi Soorma, Jati Waran Kul Khoy ||

What kind of devotion can you expect from a man of sensual pleasures, anger or greed? The valiant person who leaves behind his family and caste can be a true devotee.
Baid Mua Rogi Mua, Mua Sakal Sansar |
Ek Kabira Naa Mua, Jehi Ke Raam Adhaar ||

A physician has to die, a patient has to die. Kabir won’t die as he has offered himself to Ram who is the all pervading consciousness.
Prem Na Badi Upjai, Prem Na Haat Bikaay |
Raaja Praja Johi Ruche, Sheesh Dei Le Jaay ||

One can’t reap harvest of love at one’s field. One can’t buy love at market place. He whosoever likes love, he may be a King or a common man, he should offer his head and become eligible to be a lover.
Prem Pyala Jo Piye, Sheesh Dakshina Dey |
Lobhi Sheesh Na De Sake, Naam Prem Ka Ley ||

One who wants to drink a glass of love should pay for it by offering his head. A greedy man can’t offer his head and talks about love.
Daya Bhaav Hriday Nahi, Gyan Thake Behad |
Te Nar Narak Hi Jayenge, Suni Suni Saakhi Shabd ||

They have no mercy in their heart. They are tired due to labor of gaining knowledge. They will definitely go to hell as they know nothing else but dry words.
Jaha Kaam Taha Naam Nahi, Jaha Naam Nahi Waha Kaam |
Dono Kabhu Nahi Mile, Ravi Rajni Ik Dhaam ||

He who remembers God knows no sensual pleasures. He who doesn’t remember God takes delight in sensual pleasures. God and sensual pleasures won’t unite as there can be no union of the Sun and the night.
Unche Paani Naa Tike, Neeche Hi Thahraay |
Neecha Ho So Bharie Pie, Uncha Pyasa Jaay ||

Water flows down and it won’t hang in air. Those who know the ground realities enjoy water, those who are floating in air can’t.
Jab Hi Naam Hirday Dharyo, Bhayo Paap Kaa Naash |
Mano Chingi Agni Ki, Pari Purani Ghaas ||

Once you remember God it causes destruction of all sins. It is like a spark of fire contacting a heap of dry grass.
Sukh Saagar Ka Sheel Hai, Koi Na Paave Thaah |
Shabd Bina Sadhu Nahi, Dravya Bina Nahi Shah ||

Politeness is a boundless ocean of bliss. None can fathom depth of politeness. As a person without money can’t be rich, a person can’t be good without politeness.
Baahar Kya Dikhlaye, Antar Japiye Raam |
Kaha Kaaj Sansar Se, Tujhe Dhani Se Kaam ||

There is no need of any show. You should chant Ram internally. You should not be concerned with the world but with the master of the world.
Fal Karan Sewa Kare, Kare Naa Man Se Kaam |
Kahe Kabeer Sewak Nahi, Chahai Couguna Daam ||

He is not doing anything to serve God. He expects four times return for whatever he does. He is not a devotee of God.
Kabira Yah Tan Jaat Hai, Sake To Thour Laga |
Kai Sewa Kar Sadhu Ki, Kai Govind Gun Gaa ||

Kabir says that this body of ours is approaching death. We should do something worthwhile. We should serve good people. We should remember virtue of God.
Sona Sajjan Sadhu Jan, Toot Jude Sou Baar |
Durjan Kumbh Kumhar Ke, Eike Dhaka Darar ||

Good people won’t take time to be good again even after something is done to distance them away. Gold is malleable and not brittle. Bad people won’t return and stay away forever if something happens with them. Earthen pot made by a pitcher is brittle and once broken it is broken forever.
Jag Me Bairi Koi Nahi, Jo Man Sheetal Hoy |
Yah Aapaa To Daal De, Daya Kare Sab Koye ||

There are no enemies in the world if our mind is cool. If we don’t have ego all are merciful to us.
Prembhaav Ek Chahiye, Bhesh Anek Banaay |
Chaahe Ghar Me Waas Kar, Chaahe Ban Ko Jaaye ||

You may stay at home or you may go to woods. If you want to remain connected with God, you should have love in your heart.
Saadhu Sati Aur Surma, Inki Baat Agaadh |
Asha Chhode Deh Ki, Tan Ki Anthak Saadh ||

A good person, a lady that burns ablaze on the pyre of her husband and a brave man do something very great. They are not at all concerned with what happens to their body.
Hari Sangat Sheetal Bhaya, Miti Moh Ki Taap |
Nishiwasar Sukh Nidhi, Laha Ann Pragata App ||

Those who realize God become calm and cool. They put an end to their heat of infatuation. They are blissful day and night.
Awat Gari Ek Hai, Ultan Hoye Anek |
Kah Kabeer Nahi Ultiye, Wahi Ek Kee Ek ||

If someone says us a word of abuse, we give back many words of abuse. Kabir says that we should not do that. Let one word of abuse remain one only.
Ujjwal Pahare Kaapda, Paan Supaari Khaay |
Ek Hari Ke Naam Bin, Bandha Yampur Jaay ||

The robes are very impressive. The mouth is full of fresheners. But see if you want to avoid hell you should remember God.
Awagun Kahu Sharab Ka, Aapa Ahmak Hoy |
Maanush Se Pashua Bhaya, Daam Gaanth Se Khoye ||

A person loses his balance if he takes liquor. He becomes a beast by spending his own money.
Kabira Garab Naa Kijiye, Kabhu Naa Hasiye Koy |
Ajahoo Naav Samudra Me, Naa Jaane Ka Hoye ||

Don’t, don’t feel proud. Don’t laugh at others. Your life is a ship in ocean you don’t know what may happen the very next moment.
Kabira Kalah Aru Kalpana, Sat Sangati Se Jaay |
Dukh Baase Bhaga Phirai, Sukh Me Rahai Samaay ||

If you associate with good people you may put an end to conflicts and baseless imaginations. That will put an end to your plight and make your life blissful.
Kaah Bharosa Deh Ka, Binas Jaat Chhan Maarhi |
Saans Saans Sumiran Karo, Aur Yatan Kuchh Naahi ||

There is no guarantee that this body will be there the next moment. You should remember God every moment you live.
Kutil Bachan Sabse Bura, Jaase Hot Na Haar |
Saadhoo Bachan Jal Roop Hai, Barse Amrit Dhaar ||

A bad word said to cause agony to others is the worst thing in this world. None gets defeated on listening to bad words. A good word that soothes others is like water and it showers nectar on those who listen.
Kabira Loha Ek Hai, Gadhne Me Hai Pher |
Taahi Ka Bakhtar Bane, Tahi Kee Shamsher ||

The same metal takes different forms.
Kabira Sota Kya Kare, Jaago Japo Muraar |
Ek Din Hai Sovna, Laambe Paaw Pasaar ||

Why are you sleeping? Please get up and remember God. There will be a day when one will have to sleep with legs stretched out forever.
Kabira Aap Thagaie, Aur Na Thagiye Koy |
Aap Thage Sukh Hot Hai, Aur Thage Dukh Hoy ||

One should fool oneself and not others. He who fools others becomes miserable. There is no harm in fooling oneself as one knows the truth sooner or later.
Gaari Hee Se Upje, Kalah Kasht Aur Bheech |
Haari Chale So Saadhu Hai, Laagi Chale To Neech ||

A word of abuse creates conflicts, hardships and death. A good person puts an end to a word of abuse then and there. A base person nurtures every word of abuse.
Jaa Pal Darsan Sadhu Ka, Ta Pal Ki Balihaari |
Raam Naam Rasna Base, Leejai Janam Sudhari ||

What a great moment it was. I met a good person. I chanted Ram and did good to my whole life.
Jo Toku Kanta Buwai, Taahi Boy Too Phool |
Toku Phool Ke Phool Hai, Baankoo Hai Tirshool ||

If someone sows a thorny cactus for you, you should sow a flower plant for him. You will get many flowers and others will have thorns.
Jo Tu Chaahe Mukti Ko, Chhod De Sabki Aas |
Mukt Hi Jaisa Ho Rahe, Sab Kuchh Tere Paas ||

If you want salvation you should end all desires. Once you gain salvation you gain everything.
Te Din Gaye Akaarthi, Sangat Bhai Na Sant |
Prem Bina Pashu Jeewna, Bhakti Bina Bhagwant ||

I wasted those days when I didn’t meet good people. A person without love is a beast. There is no divinity without love.
Teer Tupak Se Jo Lade, So To Shoor Na Hoy |
Maya Taji Bhakti Kare, Soor Kahawai Soy ||

The one who fights with bows and arrows is not valiant. The real valiant is the one who shuns delusion and becomes a devotee.
Tan Ko Jogi Sab Kare, Man Ko Birla Koy |
Sahajai Sab Bidhi Paiye, Jo Man Jogi Hoy ||

It is very easy to put marks of a sage on body but it is very difficult to make marks of sage on mind. If one becomes a sage at the level of mind he is at ease while doing anything.
Nhaye Dhoye Kya Hua, Jo Man Mail Na Jaay |
Meen Sadaa Jal Me Rahai, Dhoye Baas Na Jaay ||

What is the point in washing and cleaning? A fish remains in water always and it has a very bad smell.
Paanch Pahar Dhandha Kiya, Teen Pahar Gaya Soy |
Ek Pahar Bhi Naam Bin, Mukti Kaise Hoy ||

I did something to earn my livelihood during the day and slept in the night. I didn’t chant God’s name even for 3 hours, how can I attain salvation.
Patta Bola Vruksh Se, Suno Vruksh Banraay |
Ab Ke Bichde Na Mile, Door Padenge Jaay ||

A leaf says to a tree that it is going away forever and there won’t be any reunion now.
Maya Chhaya Ek Si, Birla Jaane Koy |
Bhaagat Ke Pichhe Lage, Sanmukh Bhaage Soy ||

A shadow and a delusion are alike. They chase them who run away and disappear from their sight that looks at them.
Yaa Duniya Me Aa Kar, Chhadi Dey Too Eth |
Lena Ho So Leile, Uthi Jaat Hai Paith ||

One should not swagger here. One should do all the deals without wasting any time as the working hours will be soon over.
Raat Gawayi Soy Ke Diwas Gawaya Khaay |
Heera Janm Anmol Thaa, Koudi Badle Jaay ||

In the night I slept and in the day I ate. This is how I passed my whole life that was as valuable as a diamond.
Raam Bulawa Bhejiya, Diya Kabira Roy |
Jo Sukh Sadhu Sang Me, So Baikunth Na Hoy ||

Ram is calling Kabir. Kabir is weeping. Kabir has more regard for association with good people than association with God.
Sangati So Sukh Upaje, Kusangti So Dukh Hoy |
Kah Kagir Tah Jaaiye, Sadhu Sang Jaha Hoy ||

A good association creates happiness and an evil one creates misery. One should always be amidst good people.
Saheb Teri Sahibi, Sab Ghat Rahi Samaay |
Jyo Mehandi Ke Paat Me, Laali Rakhi Na Jaay ||

My Master, your mastery is there in all beings. In the same way as redness is there in Henna.
Saai Aage Saanch Hai, Saai Saanch Suhaay |
Chaahe Bole Kes Rakh, Chaahe Ghout Mundaay ||

God sees truth. God likes truth. One may grow long hair or may shave all hair.
Lakdi Kahai Luhaar Ki, Too Mati Jaare Mohi |
Ek Din Aisa Hoyga, Mai Jaroungi Tohi ||

A wood says to a blacksmith that today for the sake of your livelihood you are burning me. One day I will burn you on pyre.
Gyaan Ratan Ka Jatankar, Maati Ka Sansar |
Aay Kabeer Phir Gaya, Pheeka Hai Sansaar ||

One should care for the gem of knowledge. The mundane existence is worthless. Kabir has turned his back on the world as the world is livid.
Riddhi Siddhi Mangou Nahi, Mangou Tum Pai Yeh |
Nishidin Darshan Sadhu Ko, Prabhu Kabir Kahu Deh ||

Kabir is not asking God for material wealth. He is asking favor of having a good person in his sight forever.
Na Guru Milya Naa Sish Bhaya, Laalch Khelya Daav |
Dunyoo Bude Dhaar Me, Chhadhi Paathar Kee Naav ||

Those who are driven by greed lose their status of disciple and preceptor. Both of them sink midstream as they boarded a boat of stone.
Kabeer Satgur Naa Milya, Rahi Adhuri Seesh |
Swang Jati Ka Pahari Kar, Ghari Ghari Mange Bheesh ||

Those who don’t find a good preceptor ever gain an incomplete knowledge. They wear robes of a recluse and beg door to door.
Yah Tan Vish Ki Belri, Guru Amrut Ki Khaan |
Sees Diye Jo Guru Mile, To Bhi Sasta Jaan ||

This body is a bag of poison. The preceptor is a mine of nectar. If you get a preceptor by sacrificing your head, that should be a cheap deal.
Raam Piyara Chhadi Kari, Karai Aan Kaa Jaap |
Besya Kera Poot Jyu, Kahai Koun Soo Baap ||

If one forgets God and remembers something else, he is like a son of a prostitute who doesn’t know who his father is.
Jo Rou To Bal Ghatai, Hanso To Raam Risai |
Manhi Maahi Bisoorna, Jyun Ghun Kaathhi Khai ||

Now what should I do. If I weep my energy level goes down. If I laugh Ram doesn’t like that. This dilemma eats my heart like a wood-eater ant.
Sukhiya Sab Sansar Hai, Khawai Aur Sowe |
Dukhiya Daas Kabir Hai, Jagai Aru Rawe ||

The world is so happy, they eat and sleep. Kabir is so sad he keeps awake and weeps.
Parbati Parbati Mai Phirya, Nain Gawaae Roi |
So Booti Paau Nahi, Jaatai Jeewni Hoi ||

Kabir searched from one mount to another mount but he couldn’t get the herb that creates life.
Kabir Ek Na Janya, To Bahu Janya Kya Hoi |
Ek Tai Sab Hot Hai, Sab Tai Ek Na Hoi ||

Kabir says that you don’t know the one thing and you know many other things. That one thing can accomplish all, these many things are useless.
Patibarta Maili Bhali, Gale Kaanch Ko Pot |
Sab Sakhiyan Me Yo Dipai, Jyo Ravi Sasi Ko Jyot ||

A woman committed to her family is looks better in her old robes and lace of glass beads round her neck. She shines amidst her friends as the moon shines amidst stars.
Bhagti Bigaadi Kaamiya, Indri Kerai Swaadi |
Heera Khoya Haath Thai, Janam Gawaya Baadi ||

A lustful person has damaged his devotion and his sense organs are enjoying the flavor. He has lost a diamond and missed essence of life.
ParNaari Rata Phirai, Chori Bidhita Khahi |
Diwas Chaari Sarsa Rahai, Ati Samoola Jaahi ||

A man who takes delight in a woman belonging to others runs as a thief in nights. He derives mean pleasure for few days and then perishes with all his roots.
Kabeer Kali Khoti Bhai, Muniyar Milai Na Koy |
Lalach Lobhi Maskara, Tinkoo Aadar Hoi ||

This is the age of Kali. Here a man who practices sense restraint is rare. People abound with greed, covetousness and trifles.
Kabeer Maaya Mohini, Jaisi Meethee Khaand |
Satguru Ki Kripa Bhai, Nahi Tou Karti Bhaand ||

The delusion is very sweet in its action over mind. Thanks God that I got blessings of my preceptor otherwise I would have been blank.
Mere Sangi Doi Jarag, Ek Vaishno Ek Raam |
Wo Hai Daata Mukti Ka, Wo Sumiravai Naam ||

I have only two companions, devotees and Ram. They make me remember God and grant salvation.
Sant Na Bandhe Gaathdi, Pet Samaata Tei |
Saai Soo Sanmukh Rahai, Jaha Maange Taha Dei ||

There is no need to hoard much. One needs to be upright in one’s behavior always.
Jis Marne Yah Jag Dare, So Mere Anand |
Kab Mahihoo Kab Dekhihoo, Pooran Parmanand ||

The whole world fears death. I am glad to see death. When shall I die and realize the complete bliss.
Kabir Ghoda Prem Ka, Chetni Chadhi Awsaar |
Gyaan Khadag Gahi Kaal Siri, Bhali Machaai Maar ||

The consciousness should ride horse of love. The sword of knowledge should cause death of death.
Kabir Hari Sab Koo Bhaje, Hari Koo Bhajai Na Koi |
Jab Lag Aas Sareer Kee, Tab Lag Daas Na Hoi ||

God remembers everyone. None remembers God. Those who are concerned about sensual pleasures can’t be devotees of God.
Kya Mukh Lai Binati Karao, Laaj Aawat Hai Mohi |
Tum Dekhat Aogun Karao, Kaise Bhaavo Tohi ||

How should I make God any request? He knows all, he knows my shortcomings. How should he like me with these shortcomings?
Sab Kaahu Kaa Lijiye, Sachaa Asad Nihaar |
Pachhpaat Naa Kijiye Kahai Kabeer Vichaar ||

You should listen the truth from everyone. There is no need to show any partiality.
Kumti Keech Chela Bhara, Guru Gyaan Jal Hoy |
Janam Janam Ka Morcha, Pal Me Daare Dhoy ||

A disciple is full of mud of ignorance. A preceptor is water of knowledge. Whatever impurities are accumulated in many births, he cleans in one moment.
Guru Samaan Daata Nahi, Yaachak Seesh Samaan |
Teen Lok Ki Sampada, So Guru Deenhi Daan ||

There is no donor like a preceptor and no seeker like a disciple. Preceptor grants all three worlds to disciple.
Guru Ko Sir Rakhiye, Chaliye Aagya Maahi |
Kahai Kabeer Taa Daas Ko, Teen Lok Bhay Naahi ||

He who keeps his preceptor on his head and abides by his directions doesn’t have any fear in three worlds.
Guru Moorti Gati Chandrama, Sewak Nain Chakor |
Aath Pahar Nirakhta Rahe, Guru Moorti Kee Or ||

As a chakor bird is always looking at the moon, one should always abide by what preceptor says.
Guru So Preeti Nibahiya, Jehi Tat Nibtai Sant |
Prem Bina Dhig Door Hai, Prem Nikat Guru Kant ||

One can accomplish everything through love.
Guru Bin Gyaan Na Upjai, Guru Bin Malai Na Mosh |
Guru Bin Lakhai Na Satya Ko, Guru Bin Mite Na Dosh ||

There can’t any knowledge without a Guru, there won’t be any salvation without a Guru, there won’t be any realization of truth without Guru and there won’t be any removal of flaws without Guru.
Guru Moorti Aage Khadi, Duniya Bhed Kachhu Haahi |
Unhi Ko Parnaam Kari, Sakal Timir Miti Jaahi ||

Your Guru is there to lead you. There is no need to worry as to how to demystify life. If you abide by your Guru’s teaching there won’t be darkness.
Mool Dhyan Guru Rup Hai, Mool Pooja Guru Paav |
Mool Naam Guru Vachan Hai, Mool Satya Satbhaw ||

Look at the form of your Guru. Worship the lotus feet of your Guru. Listen to the words of your Guru and maintain yourself in the state of truthfulness.
Sadhu Shabd Samudra Hai, Jaame Ratna Bharay |
Mand Bhaag Mutthi bhare, Kankar Haath Lagaye ||

A good word said by a realized soul is as deep as ocean. A fool just gains handful sand.
Poot Piyaarou Pita Kou, Gouhni Laago Dhaai |
Lobh Mithai Haathi De, Aapan Gayo Bhulaai ||

A kid likes his father too much. He follows his father and holds on to him. Father gives him some sweets. The kid enjoys the sweets and the father goes away. We should not forget God when we enjoy his favors.
Jaa Kaarni Me Dhundhtee, Sanmukh Miliya Aai |
Dhan Maili Piv OOjla, Laagi Na Sakau Paai ||

I was searching him. I met him face to face. He is pure and I am dirty. How can I bow at his feet?
Bhaari Kahau To Bahu Darou, Halka Kahu Tou Jhoot |
Mai Ka Janou Raam Koo, Nainoo Kabhoo Na Deeth ||

If I say that Ram is heavy, this arouses fear in mind. If I say that he is light, this is absurd. I don’t know Ram as I haven’t seen him.
Deetha Hai To Kas Kahoo, Kahya Na Ko Patiyaay |
Hari Jaisa Hai Taisa Raho, Too Harshi-Harshi Gun Gaai ||

I have seen Ram. Those who have tried to describe him have to repent as they fail at their attempts. I won’t take any trouble to describe him, I will happily sing his virtues.
Pahuchenge Tab Kahenge, Umdenge Us Tthai |
Ajhoo Bera Samand Me, Boli Bigooche Kaai ||

When I will reach the other shore I will talk about it. I am sailing right now at the middle of the ocean.
Mera Mujhme Kuchh Nahi, Jo Kuchh Hai So Tor |
Tera Tujhko Soupta, Kya Laagai Hai Mor ||

I don’t have anything of mine. Whatever I have that belongs to God. If I give him what belongs to him, I deserve no credit for doing something great.
Jablag Bhagti Sakaamta, Tablag Nirfal Sev |
Kahai Kabeer Wai Kyo Milai, Nihkaami Nij Dev ||

As long as the devotion is conditional it won’t bear any fruits. How can people with attachment get something that is always detached?
Kabeer Kalijug Aai Kari, Keeye Bahut Jo Meet |
Jin Dilbandhya Ek Soo, Te Sukhu Sovai Nicheent ||

In this Kali Age people make many friends. Those who offer their mind to God can sleep without worries.
Kabeer Koota Raam Ka, Mutiya Mera Naau |
Gale Raam Kee Jevdi, Jit Kaiche Tit Jaau ||

Kabir works for Ram as a dog works for his Master. Ram’s name is the pearl that Kabir has. He has tied Ram’s chain round his neck and he goes there where Ram takes him.
Kaami Ami Na Bhaawai, Vish Hee Kou Lai Sodhi |
Kubuddhi Na Jaai Jeev Ki, Bhawai Swambh Rahou Pramodhi ||

A man of lust won’t like nectar. He always searches poison. Even if God Shiv himself exhorts a fool, the fool won’t part with his foolishness.
Kaami Lajya Na Karai, Man Maahe Ahilaad |
Neend Na Magai Santhra, Bhookh Na Magai Swaad ||

A person in a grip of passion won’t feel shame. He who is very sleepy doesn’t care for the bed and one who is very hungry is least bothered about his taste preference.
Gyaani Mool Gawaiya, Aapan Bhaye Karta |
Taathe Sansari Bhala, Man Me Rahai Darta ||

A person who thinks that he has gained knowledge has lost his roots. Now he thinks that he is as omnipotent as God. A person engaged in a household life is better as he at least fears God.
Ihi Udar Kai Karne, Jag Jachyo Nis Jaam |
Swami-Pano Jo Seeri Chadhyo, Saryo Na Eko Kaam ||

A person who renounces world puts himself to trouble day and night as he is worried about his meals. He also thinks that he is the lord and calls himself Swami. Thus he loses on both the counts.
Swami Hua Seetka, Paikakaar Pachaas |
Raamnaam Kathai Rahya, Karai Sisha Ki Aas ||

There is a cheap crop of divine people. Fifty of them are available for one penny. They are least concerned about the name of Ram and have many expectations from their followers.
Kali Ka Swami Lobhiya, Peetli Dhari Khatai |
Raaj-Dubaara You Phirai, Jyu Harihai Gaai ||

In this Kali Age he who calls himself Swami has become greedy. He looks like a brass utensil with sour items. He seeks protection of the ruler just like a cow that rushes on seeing a green pasture.
Kali Ka Swami Lobhiya, Mansa Dhari Badhai |
Dehi Paisa Byaj Kou, Lekha Karta Jaai ||

The Swami of Kali Age expects many greetings. He lends money and is busy with the book keeping.
Brahman Guru Jagat Ka, Saadhu Ka Guru Naahi |
Urjhi-Purjhi Kari Mari Rahya, Chaariu Beda Maahi ||

A Brahmin may be a guru of the world but he is not a Guru of a good man. The Brahmin is always involved with the interpretation of Vedas and he dies doing that.
Chaturai Soovai Padhi, Soi Panjar Maahi |
Phiri Prmodhai Aan Kou, Aapan Samjhai Naahi ||

A parrot repeats whatever knowledge is taught but he doesn’t know how to set himself free from his cage. People have gained much knowledge today but they fail to set themselves free.
Teerath Kari Kari Jag Mua, Doonghe Paani Nhai |
Ramhi Raam Japantada, Kaal Ghasitya Jaai ||

People go to many places as pilgrims. They take bath at such places. They are always chanting name of God but still they are being dragged to death by time.
Kabeer Is Sansaar Kou, Samajhau Kai Baar |
Poonchh Jo Pakdai Bhed Ki, Utrya Chahai Paar ||

Kabir is fed up with telling people that they should shun foolish means of worshiping. People think that they will cross the ocean of transmigration by holding to a sheep’s tail.
Kabeer Man Phulya Phire, Karta Hu Mai Dhamma |
Koti Kram Siri Le Chalya, Chet Na Dekhai Bhram ||

Kabir says that people swell with the thought that so much merit is being earned. They fail to see that they have created many action seeds due to such ego. They should wake up and remove this delusion.
Kabeer Bhaathi Kalal Kee, Bahutak Baithe Aai |
Sir Soupe Soi Pewai, Nahi Taou Piya Na Jaai ||

Welcome to the nectar shop. There are many sitting over. One should hand over one’s head and get a glass of nectar.
Kabir Hari Ras Yo Piya, Baaki Rahi Na Thaaki |
Paaka Kalas Kumbhar Ka, Bahuri Na Chadhai Chaaki ||

Kabir savored the juice of devotion. There is no flavor other than devotion now. Once a pitcher makes his pot and bakes it, that pot again can’t be put on the wheel.
Hari-Ras Peeya Jaaniye, Je Kabahu Na Jaai Khumaar |
Maimanta Ghoomat Rahai, Naahi Tan Kee Saar ||

Those who savor the juice of devotion live in that flavor forever. They don’t have ego and are least bothered about sensual pleasures.
Sabai Rasayan Mai Kiya, Hari Saa Aur Na Koi |
Til Ik Ghat Me Sancharai, Tou Sab Tan Kanchan Hoi ||

I tried many elixirs, I got the highest pleasure after taking the path of devotion. If one treads path of devotion for a while, one experiences a golden transformation.
Kabir Maya Papini, Phandh Le Baithi Haati |
Sab Jag Tou Phandhe Padya, Gaya Kabeera Kaati ||

Delusion is the origin of all sins. The noose of Delusion is there at the market place where all deals are taking place. One and all are tied in the noose. Kabir has cut the noose of delusion.
Trisnaa Seenchee Na Bujhai, Din Din Badhti Jaai |
Jawaasaa Ke Rush Jyoon, Ghan Meha Kumilai ||

The cravings won’t cease to grow when watered with fulfillment. There is bush that lowers when it rains and grows back there after.
Kabeer Jag Ki Ko Kahai, Bhoujli Bude Daas |
Paarbrahm Pati Chhadi Kari, Karai Maani Kee Aas ||

Kabir says forget the common people even the devotees sink. They ignore that all pervading consciousness and seek recognition from people.
Kabeer Is Sansar Ka, Jhootha Maya Moh |
Jihi Ghari Jita Badhaawna, Tihi Ghari Tita Andoh ||

Kabir says that infatuation is so futile. A family that has more births also has more deaths.
Bugli Neer Bitaliya, Saayar Chadhya Kalank |
Aur Pakheru Pee Gaye, Hans Na Bove Chanch ||

A heron sips a drop of water and blemishes the ocean. Other birds still sip but swan has never put back its beak there.
Kabeer Maya Jini Mile, Sou Bariya De Baah |
Naarad Se Muniyar Mile, Kiso Bharosou Tyah ||

Don’t lose balance if delusion invites you with open arms. A sage like Narad has fallen prey to delusion, who else can trust delusion?
Jaisi Mukh Tai Neeksai, Taise Chalai Chaal |
Paarbrahm Neda Rahai, Pal Me Karai Nihaal ||

You should do what you say. If do that God is there to take care.
Pad Gaae Man Harshiya, Saashi Kahya Anand |
So Tat Naav Na Jaaniyaa, Gal Me Padiya Phand ||

People recite poems and become happy. They stage the glimpses and become joyful. One should understand the essence of remembering God. Otherwise there will be a noose of death round the neck.
Mai Jaanyu Padhibou Bhalo, Padhba The Bhalou Jog |
Raam-Naam Soo Preeti Kari, Bhal Bhal Neendou Log ||

I know acquiring knowledge is great. Yoga is better than acquiring knowledge. I have developed love with the name of Ram. I will maintain my love even if people scold me.
Kabeer Padhibo Doori Kari, Pustak Dei Bahaai |
Baawan Aashir Sodhi Kari, Rarai Mamai Chitt Laai ||

Kabir has stopped learning now. He has offered all his books to a river. He has taken two alphabets RAM very close to his heart.
Karta Deesai Keertan, Uncha Kari-Kari Tund |
Jaane-Bujhai Kuchh Nahi, Youhi Aadhaa Roond ||

He seems to be doing a dance for worshipping God. He is raising his head again and again. He understands nothing and looks like a headless ghost.
Lekhaa Denaa Sohra, Je Dil Sanchaa Hoi |
Us Change Deewan Me, Pala Na Pakadai Koi ||

It is very easy to work out the balance, to work out how much you have to pay and how much to receive. One who is truthful need not be concerned that his neck will be tied a noose on the day of reckoning.
Saanch Kahu To Maarihai, Jhoote Jag Patiyaaee |
Yah Jag Kaali Kookri, Jo Chhedai To Khaay ||

If I speak the truth people thrash me. If I lie people trust me. This world is like a black bitch that bites if teased.
Yahu Sab Jhooti Bandigee, Bariya Panch Niwaj |
Saanchai Maare Jhooth Padhi, Kaaji Karai Akaaj ||

If you are not truthful your efforts are all worthless. Your worship is absurd and your offering prayers five times a day is also absurd.
Prem Preeti Ka Cholna, Pahiri Kabira Naach |
Tan-Man Taapar Waarhoo, Jo Koi Bolai Saanch ||

Kabir dances wearing robes of love. He is ready to offer his mind and body to those who are truthful.
Kaaji Mulla Bhramiyaa, Chalya Duni Kai Saath |
Dil Thai Deen Bisariya, Karad Lai Jab Haath ||

The kajis and mullas are utterly confused. They are keeping the world in good humor. They are not concerned for the poor and they are holding a knife in their hands.
Saai Seti Choriya, Chora Seti Gujh |
Jaanengaa Re Jeevna, Maar Padaigi Tujh ||

You are hiding from God and accompanying thieves in their work. You will come to know when the justice is done.
Khoob Khaand Hai Kheechdi, Maahi Padya Tuk Loon |
Peda Roti Khaai Kari, Gal Kataawe Koon ||

Kabir likes preparation made of coarse grain. He won’t die earlier eating sweets daily.
Jeti Dekhou Aatma, Teta Saaligraam |
Saadhoo Pratshi Dev Hai, Nahi Paathar Soo Kaam ||

Wherever I see a soul I see God. A saint and not a stone is my God.
Teerath To Sab Beladi, Sab Jag Melya Chhai |
Kabeer Mool Nikandiya, Koun Halaahal Khaai ||

Kabir says don’t go on pilgrimage with some short-cuts in mind. One should be truthful and good.
Man Mathura Dil Dwarika, Kaayaa Kaasi Jaani |
Daswa Dwara Dehura, Taame Joti Pichhani ||

My mind is my Mathura. My body is Kashi. I have also identified the 10th chakra and seen the divine light.
Jeta Meetha Bolna, Teta Saadh Na Jaani |
Pahli Thaah Dikhaai Kari, Udai Desi Aani ||

There is no need to believe that a person with sweet words is a sage. One should guard against such wrong conclusions.
Ujjwal Dekhi Na Dheejiye, Bag Jyu Maandai Dhyaan |
Dhoure Baithi Chaptesi, Yoo Le Budai Gyaan ||

If one considers white color a mark of purity one may consider a heron to be very pious. A heron sits still and traps creatures that are fooled by its stillness. One should not draw wrong conclusions with gross knowledge like white stands for purity, stillness for meditation etc.
Kabeer Sangati Saadh Kee, Begi Kareejai Jaai |
Durmati Doori Gawaaisi, Desi Sumati Bataai ||

One should speedily get into the company of good. Good people remove our delusion and give us the right vision.
Mathura Jaau Bhawai Dwarika, Bhawai Jaau Jagnaath |
Saadh Sangati Hari Bhagti Bin, Kachhoo Na Aawai Haath ||

You may visit Dwarka, Jagganath and other sacred places but you should bear in mind that you won’t gain anything without getting associated with good people.
Kabeer Ban Ban Me Phira, Kaarni Apnai Raam |
Raam Sareekhe Jan Mile, Tin Saare Sabre Kaam ||

Kabir went from woods to woods in search of Ram. He met good people like Ram and this served his purpose.
Jaani Boojhi Saanchhi Tajai, Karai Jhooth Soo Nehu |
Taaki Sangati Raamji, Supine Hee Jini Dehu ||

One should not get into the company of those who shun truth knowing it to be truth and like absurd things even in one’s dream.
Kabeer Taas Milai, Jaas Hiyaali Too Basai |
Nahitar Begi Uthai, Nit Ka Ganjan Ko Sahai ||

Kabir asks God to give him company of those people who have God in their hearts. Otherwise God may grant him death as he is fed up with the everyday pain now.
Harijan Seti Roosna, Sansaari Soo Het |
Te Nar Kade Na Neepjai, Jyu Kaalar Ka Khet ||

A person who takes umbrage with those who are good and has interest in those who always care for the material world may never be considered as a living creature.
Moorakh Sang Na Keejie, Loha Jali Na Tirai |
Kadli Seep Bhuwang Mukh, Ek Boond Tih Bhaai ||

There should not be any association with a fool. There are no chances that an iron will float on water. A rain drop takes different forms (camphor, pearl, poison in that order) if it associates with a kadali leaf, a shell, a snake’s mouth.
Maashi Gud Me Gadi Rahi, Pankh Rahi Laptaay |
Taali Peetai Siri Dhunai, Meethai Boi Maai ||

A fly sits on a pile of jaggery. Its wings stick there and it dies. So happens to a person who takes pleasure in sensual happiness.
Unche Kul Kya Janmiya, Je Karni Unch Na Hoi |
Sowaran Kalas Surai Bharya, Saadhu Nindya Soi ||

What is the point that you belong to a high class family if your action is not high class. A pot of gold containing liquor is not liked by saintly people.
Kabira Khaai Kot Ki, Paani Piwai Na Koi |
Jaai Milai Jab Gang Se, Tab Gangodak Hoi ||

None drinks water from a petty river. Its water assumes form of water of the river Ganga when that petty river unites with Ganga.
Kaajal Keri Kothdi, Taisa Yahu Sansaar |
Balihari Taa Daas Ki, Paisi Ra Niksanhaar ||

This world is like a storeroom of soot. Great is the devotee of God who escapes unblemished from here.
Kabeer Maaru Man Koo, Tuk-Tuk Hwai Jaai |
Vish Ki Kyaari Boi Kari, Lunat Kaha Pachhitaai ||

Kabir says that the mind should be controlled very meticulously. If we sow seeds of poisonous plants we are bound to get poisonous fruits.
Aasaa Ka Indhan Karu, Mansa Karu Bibhuti |
Jogi Pheri Phil Karu, You Binna Wo Sooti ||

I have burnt all my desires and applied that ash all over. Now I have become a monk and will continue with my regular activities.
Paani Hee Tai Paatla, Dhua Hee Tai Jheen |
Pawana Begi Utaawla, So Dosat Kabeer Keenh ||

Kabir knows that his mind flows more easily than water, it is more obscure than smoke and it moves faster than wind. Kabir has made his mind his friend now.
Kabir Turi Palaaniya, Chaabak Leeya Haathi |
Diwas Thakaa Saai Milou, Pichai Padihai Raati ||

Kabir rides a horse with a whip in hand. He wants to meet his Lord before it gets dark.
Maimanta Man Maari Re, Ghat Hee Maahe Gheri |
Jabhi Chaalai Peethi De, Ankus Dai-Dai Pheri ||

One should see that one’s mind is restrained and controlled. If it backtracks on the path of devotion it should be goaded and asked to march ahead.
Kaagad Keri Naav Ree, Paani Keri Gang |
Kahai Kabeer Kaise Tiru, Panch Kusangi Sang ||

Kabir says that he is riding a boat of paper and the surrounding water is as deep as Ganga. Kabir is puzzled as to how he should remain afloat when five evil people (five sense organs) are also accompanying him.
Manah Manorath Chhadi De, Tera Kiya Na Hoi |
Paani Me Gheev Neeksai, To Rukha Khai Na Koi ||

Kabir says that stop building castles in the air. Things won’t happen if you do that. If stirring water had yielded butter none would have eaten dry breads.
Kabeer Noubat Aapni, Din Das Lehu Bajai |
E Pur Paatan E Gali, Bahuri Na Dekhai Aai ||

Kabir says that you may blow your trumpet for few days. Thereafter you won’t see your town and lanes.
Jinke Noubati Baajti, Maingal Bandhate Baari |
Ekai Hari Ke Naav Bin, Gae Janam Sab Haari ||

Those who had beautiful musical notes playing at their palaces and who had elephants at their service, they lost everything in their life as they failed to meditate on God.
Ik Din Aisa Hoiga, Sab Soo Padai Bichhoh |
Raaja Raana Chhatrapati, Savdhaan Kin Hoi ||

Please listen O King, O Ruler, O Emperor. There will be a day when you will lose everything. Please be alert.
Bin Rakhwale Baahira, Chidiya Khaya Khet |
Aadha-Pardha Ubare, Cheti Sakai To Cheti ||

Your farm is open to all birds and all birds are feasting there. Please wake up and save whatever is remaining.
Kaha Kiya Ham Aai Kari, Kaha Kahenge Jaai |
It Ke Bhaye Na Ut Ke, Chaale Mool Gawai ||

What did I do coming here and what will I do going away. I neither belong to here nor there. It seems that I have lost my roots.
Nanha Katau Chitt De, Mahenge Mol Bikaai |
Gaahak Raaja Raam Hai, Aur Na Neda Aai ||

Make your mind as subtle as you can. You will get a very high price. Ram likes those who have very subtle mind; none else feels comfortable with a very subtle mind.
Mai-Mai Badi Balai Hai, Sakai To Nikso Bhaji |
Kab Lag Rakhou He Sakhi, Rui Lapeti Aagi ||

Don’t say ‘I’, ‘I’, it is better if you can run away leaving aside your ego. Dear friend as cotton is not safe when it surrounds fire, you won’t be safe if you have ego.
Maalaa Pahire Manmushi, Taathai Kachhu Na Hoi |
Man Maala Kou Pherta, Jag Ujiyaara Soi ||

There is no point in wearing a rosary. One should know how to turn one’ mind and illuminate the inner world.
Kabira Maala Man Ki, Aur Sansari Bhesh |
Maala Paharya Hari Milai, Tou Arhat Kai Gali Dekhi ||

One should control one’s mind like people rotate a rosary. One need not wear any special robes. If one becomes a devotee by rotating a rosary that should make bullocks that rotate a bucket wheel great devotees.
Maala Paharya Kuchh Nahi, Bhagati Na Aai Haath |
Mathou Moochh Mundai Kari, Chalya Jagat Ke Saath ||

What is the point in wearing a rosary if you have no devotion with you? There is no point in shaving head clean if your mind is engrossed with the material world.
Saai Seti Saanch Chali, Aura Soo Sudh Bhai |
Bhawai Lambe Kes Kari, Bhawai Ghurdi Mundai ||

You should have true devotion to God. You should be honest with people. It doesn’t matter whether you keep long hair or you shave your head clean.
Swang Pahari Sorha Bhaya, Khaya Peeya Khundi |
Jihi Seri Saadhu Neekle, So Tou Melhi Moondi ||

You have put robes of a holy man. You are always after delicious dishes. You have closed your eyes to the path that holy men tread.
Baisno Bhaya Tou Kya Bhaya, Boojha Nahi Babek |
Chhapa Tilak Banai Kari, Dagdhya Lok Anek ||

You call yourself a follower of Vishnu. You don’t have any discretion. You have made a mark on your forehead and your actions burn many people.
Pash Le Boodi Prithmi, Jhoothe Kul Kee Laar |
Alash Bisaryo Bhesh Mai, Boodi Kaali Dhaar ||

You remained stuck to your view. You are proud about the false grandeur of your family. You are more focused on how you look like and you have lost sight of God. You are drowned in the ocean of transmigration.
Chaturai Hari Naa Milai, E Baataa Ki Baat |
Ek Nisprehi Nirdhaar Ka, Gaahak Gopinaath ||

Let me tell you the point of many points. You won’t reach God by your cleverness. You need to lose your viewpoints and support bases if you want to be a true devotee like a gopi.
Nirbairi Nihkaamta, Saai Seti Neh |
Vishiyaa Soo Nyara Rahai, Santani Ka Ang Eh ||

One who is free from enmity, one who is free from lust, one who loves God, one who refrains from sensual pleasures is a devotee of God.
Sant Na Chhade Santai, Je Kotik Mile Asant |
Chandan Bhuwangaa Baithiyaa, Tau Seetalta Na Tajant ||

A holy man won’t become unholy in the company of innumerable wicked people. A sandalwood tree won’t lose its cool inspite of many snakes staying there.
Gaathi Daam Na Baandhai, Nahi Naari So Neh |
Kah Kabeer Ta Saadh Ki, Ham Charnan Ki Kheh ||

One who is not after making money, one who doesn’t look at a lady for deriving sensual pleasure, is a sage in the opinion of Kabir and Kabir bows at the feet of this sage.
Siho Ke Lehand Nahi, Hanso Ki Nahi Paat |
Laalo Ki Nahi Boriya, Saadh Na Chale Jamaat ||

There is no herd of lions. There is no line of swans. There is no gunny bag containing precious pearls. A holy man is never guided my herd mentality.
Kaam Milave Raam Koo, Je Koi Jaane Raakhi |
Kabir Bichaaraa Kya Kahai, Jaaki Sukhdev Bole Saakhi ||

If desire is good it may lead to Ram. This is not just what Kabir says Shukdev also tells the same thing.
Jihi Hirde Hari Aaiyaa, So Kyu Chhaanaa Hoi |
Jatan-Jatan Kari Dabiye, Tau Ujaalaa Soi ||

How can a person who has realized God in his heart remain in dark? You may do many tricks and try to surround a lamp with darkness but the lamp will illuminate its surroundings.
Phate Deedai Me Phirou, Najari Na Aavai Koi |
Jihi Ghati Mera Saaiya, So Kyo Chhaanaa Hoi ||

I am roaming place to place in search of a realized soul. One who has realized God is very easy to identify.
Paawakrupi Raam Hai, Ghati-Ghati Rahya Samaai |
Chit Chakmak Lagai Nahi, Taathe Dhua Hwai-Hwai Jaai ||

The fire of divinity is there in all beings in latent form. One who knows the technique lights that fire, others just produce a smoke.
Kabeer Khalik Jaagiya, Aur Na Jaage Koi |
Kai Jagai Bishai Vish-Bharya, Kai Daas Bandagi Hoi ||

Kabir says that God is always awake. No one else is awake always. At night a person indulging in sensual pleasures is awake or a devotee is awake.
Purpatan Suwas Basa, Aanand Thayai Thaai |
Raam-Sanehi Baahira, Uljand Mere Bhai ||

Those towns that are nicely planned and where lots of festivities are taking place are desolate in the eyes of Kabir if they are not inhabited by the devotees of Ram.
Jihi Ghari Saadh Na Pooji, Hari Ki Sewa Naahi |
Te Ghar Madghat Sarshe, Bhoot Basai Tin Maahi ||

Houses where a holy man is not respected and God is not worshipped are like a crematorium inhabited by ghosts.
Kyu Nrup-Naari Neendiye, Kyu Panihaari Kou Maan |
Wa Maang Sawaare Peev Kou, Ya Nit Uthi Sumirai Raam ||

A queen is inferior to a lady that works as a housemaid at the residence of a holy person. Why? A queen decorates herself for her husband and the housemaid due to pious association remembers Ram.
Kabir Dubidha Doori Kari, Ek Ang Hwai Laagi |
Yahu Seetal Bahu Tapti Hai, Dou Kahiye Aagi ||

Kabir says that extremes are painful. Too hot and too cold are not good.
Dukhiya Muwa Dukh Kou, Sukhiya Sukh Kou Jhuri |
Sada Anandi Raan Ke, Jini Sukh Dukh Melhe Doori ||

A miserable man is suffering from miseries. A joyful man craves for joy. The followers of Ram are ever blissful as they rise above misery and joy.
Kaabaa Phir Kaasi Bhayaa, Raam Bhayaa Re Raheem |
Mot Choon Maida Bhaya, Baithi Kabeera Jeem ||

Kabir doesn’t see any difference between Kaba and Kashi. He doesn’t see any difference between Ram and Rahim. He is not bothered about the gross differences but he has satiated himself by understanding subtle similarities.
Rachnahaar Koo Cheenhi Lai, Khaibe Koo Kaha Roi |
Dil Mandir Mai Paisi Kari, Taani Pachhevda Soi ||

Why are you weeping? Can’t you see God? You should focus your entire mind on him and go to sleep.
Kabeer Ka Tu Chitvai, Ka Tera Chyantya Hoi |
Anchantya Hariji Karai, Jo Tohi Chyant Na Hoi ||

What for you are worried? What will you gain by worrying? God will remove all your worries and he will do more than what you care.
Maani Mahaatam Prem-Ras, Garwatan Gun Neh |
E Sabhi Ahla Gayaa, Jabhi Kahya Kuchh Deh ||

Recognition, greatness, love, affinity, grandeur, virtue, liking, all this is gone for the one who asks for a favor.
Mangan Maran Samaan Hai, Birla Banchai Koi |
Kahai Kabeer Raghunath Soo, Mati Re Mangaavai Mohi ||

Asking for a favor is like dying. He is very rare who doesn’t die like this. Kabir says O My Lord Ram, please don’t make me ask for a favor.
Kabir Sab Jag Handiya, Maandal Kandhi Chadhaai |
Hari Bin Apna Kou Nahi, Dekhe Thoki Bajaai ||

Kabir searched the whole world and concluded that there is none else than God to take care.
Gagan Damama Baajiya, Padya Nisaanai Ghaaw |
Khet Buhaarya Soorimai, Mujh Marne Ka Chaav ||

The skies are full of clarion calls. I am fully prepared for the battle and ready to die.
Kabeer Soi Soorma, Man Soo Madai Jhoojh |
Panch Payaadaa Paadi Le, Doori Karai Sab Dooj ||

Kabir says he is the great warrior who fights his mind. He defeats the five soldiers i.e. desire, anger, greed, infatuation and jealousy and breaks all barriers of division.
Kabeer Sansa Kou Nahi, Hari Soo Laaggaa Het |
Kaam Krodh Soo Jhoojhna, Chaudai Mandya Khet ||

Kabir is not confused now. He has developed his interest in God. He will fight his lust and anger now and he has made it an open battle now.
Soora Tabhi Parshiye, Lade Dhani Ke Het |
Purija-Purija Hwai Padai, Tau Na Chhade Khet ||

A real warrior clears his test of valiance when he serves his master. He doesn’t run away from a battlefield even if he is torn to pieces.
Ab To Jhoojhya Hee Banai, Mudi Chalya Ghar Door |
Sir Saahib Kou Soupta, Soch Na Keejai Soor ||

Now one has to fight as the home is left far behind and there is no point in going back. One has to keep all thoughts away and hand over his head to his master.
Kaayar Bahut Pamaawhi, Bahki Na Bolai Soor |
Kaam Padya Hi Jaaniye, Kis Mukh Pari Hai Noor ||

Those who are coward speak a lot. Those who are brave make their actions speak. When the day of reckoning comes one comes to know who shines with a divine light.
Kabeer Nij Ghar Prem Ka, Maarag Agam Agaadh |
Sees Utaari Pag Tali Dharai, Tab Nikat Prem Ka Swaad ||

Kabir says that the abode of love is self. The path of love is difficult and infinite. Those who have grounded their ego with their feet know flavor of love.
Kabeer Hari Sabkoo Bhajai, Hari Koo Bhajai Na Koi |
Jablag Aas Sareer Ki, Tablag Daas Na Hoi ||

God remembers everyone. No one remembers God. One who takes delight in sensual pleasures can’t have any devotion in his mind.
Jeewan The Maribo Bhalou, Jo Mari Jaane Koi |
Marnai Pahali Je Marai, To Kali Ajraawar Hoi ||

It is better to die than being alive if someone knows how to die. Those who die before death become immortal.
Aapaa Metya Hari Mile, Hari Metya Sab Jaai |
Akath Kahani Prem Ki, Kahya Na Koi Patyai ||

When ego ends God appears. If God is lost sight of everything ends. The saga of love is beyond all words. Who can tell that experience?
Roda Hwai Raho Baat Ka, Taji Paashand Abhmaan |
Aisa Je jan Hwai Rahai, Taahi Milai Bhagwaan ||

You should be like a petty stone on the road. You should renounce all deceit and ego. He, who becomes like this, reaches divinity.
Abran Kou Ka Barniye, Mopai Lakhya Na Jaai |
Apna Baana Vaahiya, Kahi Kahi Thaake Maai ||

How can I describe something that is beyond all descriptions? Those who have tried to do that have created their own version.
Jhal Bawai Jhal Daahinai, Jhalhi Maahi Vyouhaar |
Aage Peechhe Jhalmai, Raakhe Sirjan Haar ||

There is fire at the left and at the right. All deals are engulfed by fire. There is fire in the front and at the back. Only God can protect from the fire all round.
Saai Mera Baaniyaa, Sahaji Karai Vyoupaar |
Bin Daandi Bin Paaldai, Tole Sab Sansaar ||

My Lord is a trader. Look at what ease he makes deals. He doesn’t have any weighing machine but knows the right weight.
Saai Soo Sab Hot Hai, Badai Thai Kuchh Nahi |
Raai Thai Parbat Kashai, Parbat Raai Maahi ||

God accomplishes everything. A man nothing. A particle becomes a mount and a mount becomes a particle.
Kabeer Hari Ke Naav Soo, Preeti Rahai Iktaar |
To Mukh Tai Moti Jhadai, Heere Ant Na Phaar ||

If one has love with the name of God, he casts pearls when he speaks and there will be innumerable diamonds.
Koi Ek Raakhe Saavdhaa, Chetni Paharai Jaagi |
Bastar Baasan Soo Khisai, Chor Na Sakai Laagi ||

He who keeps vigil and remains awake protects his belongings from thieves.
Bolat Hi Pahichaanie, Saahu Chor Ko Ghaat |
Antar Ki Karni Sabai, Niksai Mukh Ki Baat ||

You come to know whether one is a rich man or a thief on the basis of his words. One speaks words compatible with one’s mindset.
Paai Padarath Peli Kari, Kankar Leeya Haathi |
Jodi Bichhti Hans Ki, Padya Bagaa Ke Saathi ||

One should not keep stones and throw pearls away. One should not part with a swan and get into a company of a heron.
Baari Baari Aapni, Chale Piyaare Myant |
Teri Baari Re Jiya, Nedi Aavai Nit ||

All my friends are departing one by one from this world. My turn is not far away.
Jo Ugya So Aathwai, Phulya So Kumilaai |
Jo Chiniya So Dhahi Padai, Jo Aaya So Jaai ||

One that rises is bound to set. One that blooms is bound to wither. One that is erected is bound to collapse. One that comes has to go.
Govyand Ke Gun Bahut Hai, Likhe Ju Hirdai Maahi |
Darta Paani Na Peeu, Mati Wai Dhoye Jaahi ||

I have written many virtues of God on my heart. I fear while drinking water as what I have written may wash out.
Nyandak Door Na Keejiye, Deejai Aadar Maan |
Nirmal Tan Man Sab Karai, Baki Baki Aanhi Aan ||

Don’t run away from a person who censures you. Rather you should give him honour and respect. He will cleanse your body and mind as he will keep on babbling identifying all your shortcomings.
Karta Kere Bahut Gun, Augun Koi Naahi |
Jo Dil Kojou Aapnou, Tou Sab Augun Mujh Mahi ||

God is a reservoir of infinite virtue. I don’t have any. I searched my mind and knew that all vice is rooted in ego.
Seetalta Tab Jaaniye, Samita Rahai Samaai |
Pash Chhade Nirpash Rahai, Sabad Na Deshya Jaai ||

He who has equanimity of mind is said to be cool. He doesn’t commit himself to a faction and never utters a word of jealousy.
Kabeer Sirjanhaar Bin, Mera Hitu Na Koi |
Gun Augun Bihde Nahi, Swaarath Bandhi Loi ||

Kabir has no other interest. He is interested only in God. God doesn’t care for merit and demerit. The world cares for merit and demerit as it has its own vested interest.
Neer Piyawat Ka Phirai, Saayar Ghar-Ghar Baari |
Jo Trishaawant Hoiga, So Peevega Jhakhmari ||

There is no need to explain divinity by approaching people at their home. If people have thirst for divinity they will understand the divine on their own.
Kya Mukh Lai Binati Karou, Laaj Aawat Hai Mohi |
Tum Dekhat Augun Karou, Kaise Bhavo Tohi ||

With what face should I make any request. I feel ashamed. You can see that I make mistakes, still you like me?
Surti Karou Mere Saaiyaa, Ham Hai Bhoujal Maahi |
Aape Hi Bahi Jaahige, Jou Nahi Pakrou Baahi ||

My God please remember me. I am passing though the ocean of transmigration. If you don’t hold my hand, I will get drowned.

Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is the birthday of the Mardi Gras in New Orleans? The first Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans was held in 1827. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are purple (symbolic of justice), green (symbolic of faith) and gold (symbolic of power). Celebrate by having your own party!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.”

— Charles F. Kettering


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Some people get one. Most people don’t.

But, if you’re reading this, it means that you’ve received more than one, perhaps a countless number of, little breaks.

Access to tools, the benefit of the doubt, decent health, occasional peace of mind.

Little breaks. Over and over.

Little breaks get you into a room, but they don’t guarantee your performance. Little breaks get you a glimmer of trust or opportunity, they give you a microphone and a chance to share your dream.

Little breaks don’t always announce themselves the way big breaks do.

Little breaks compound, one often leading to another. Or they don’t, creating false momentum and then disappointment.

Sometimes little breaks pretend to be big ones, and sometimes they’re hiding in plain sight.

Little breaks are easy to ignore and thus are wasted.

Little breaks don’t like being waited for the way big breaks do, because while you’re waiting, you’re wasting the little breaks you’ve already gotten.


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March – A month to put a spring in your step   Just as the melting of snow reveals fresh, green grass, February melts away, ushering in a greener, more hopeful month. As temperatures rise and a new season beckons, it’s time to take advantage of the opportunities in bloom.  Come March and students will feel the flutter of nervousness as the exams draw near. 

Working professionals will revel in the familiarity of their old routines – from the daily commute to water cooler conversations.   As another financial year ends, old ledgers will be closed out and new ones will be opened, with the hope of better prospects to come. Travel bugs will be glad to dust off their hats and shorts, fill up fuel tanks and plot their summer getaways. 

March is the month to revive old routines that were once taken for granted. So, give your readers something new to look forward to even as they settle back into their comfort zones. Whether it’s International Day of Forests or International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, let fresh perspectives spring up at every opportunity and further your brand’s #contentmarketing efforts.  
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National Science Day – 28 February

National Science Day – 28 February  

National Science Day

This day honors the efforts of Indian physicist CV Raman for his contributions to science, including his discovery of the ‘Raman effect’.  

Content marketing ideas: 

  • Listicle idea: Qualities in children that could indicate a scientific bent of mind 
  • Infographic idea: X Upcoming fields in science and technology 
  • Video idea: How often should textbooks be updated? 
  • Podcast idea: Can one believe in both religion and science? 

Other content marketing opportunities: February 2021

World Interfaith Harmony Week – 1-7 February  

Interfaith Harmony day Content Marketing ideas

This day seeks to promote goodwill, harmony, and mutual understanding among members of all faiths.  

Content marketing ideas: 

  • Listicle idea: Biggest challenges to interfaith harmony and how to overcome them  
  • Infographic idea: X Interfaith monuments around the world that highlight the beauty of cooperation  
  • Video idea: Lessons to learn from India’s inter-cultural history  
  • Podcast idea: Using social media to bridge the gap between people  

Fun days: February 2021

Fun day content marketing ideas for February

World Nutella Day – 5 February  

World Pangolin Day – 15 February 

World Human Spirit Day – 17 February  

International Tug-of-War Day – 19 February 

Content marketing ideas: 

  • Listicle idea: X Foods that can help you build strength before your next tug-of-war match 
  • Infographic idea: How are pangolins exploited? 
  • Video idea: X Delicious desserts you can make with Nutella 
  • Podcast idea: Here’s how you can yourself achieve what you want 


Content marketing ideas for festivals

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival – 6-14 February  

Chinese New Year – 12 February 

Losar Festival – 12-14 February  

Goa Carnival – 13-16 February 

Ezhara Ponnana – 21 February 

Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam – 23-26 February 

Content marketing ideas: 

  • Listicle idea: What should you look forward to at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival? 
  • Infographic idea: Traditional Tibetan delicacies you must have 
  • Video idea: A glimpse of the Ezhara Ponnana celebrations in Kerala 
  • Podcast idea: How is the Chinese New Year celebrated in India? 

Birthdays:  February 2021

Birthday content Marketing Ideas

Harry Styles – 1 February  

Shakira – 2 February  

Khushwant Singh – 2 February  

Bobby Brown – 5 February  

Abhishek Bachchan – 5 February  

Cristiano Ronaldo – 5 February  

Bob Marley – 6 February  

Chris Rock – 7 February  

Charles Dickens – 7 February  

Ashton Kutcher – 7 February  

Tom Hiddleston – 9 February  

Emma Roberts – 10 February  

Jennifer Aniston – 11 February  

Thomas Edison – 11 February  

Abraham Lincoln – 12 February  

Mike Posner – 12 February  

Sarojini Naidu – 13 February  

Galileo Galilei – 15 February  

The Weeknd – 16 February  

Paris Hilton – 17 February  

Michael Jordan – 17 February  

Ed Sheeran – 17 February  

John Travolta – 18 February  

Millie Bobby Brown – 19 February  

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – 19 February  

Trevor Noah – 20 February  

Rihanna – 20 February  

Ellen Page – 21 February  

Sophie Turner – 21 February  

Drew Barrymore – 22 February  

George Washington – 22 February  

Emily Blunt – 23 February  

Steve Jobs – 24 February  

Sanjay Leela Bhansali – 24 February  

Jayalalithaa – 24 February  

Shahid Kapoor – 25 February  

Content marketing ideas: 

  • Listicle idea: Best Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies to watch 
  • Infographic idea: X Sporting records that Michael Jordan has broken 
  • Video idea: X Child actors and their breakout roles 
  • Podcast idea: Singer, actor, entrepreneur: How does Rihanna do it all? 

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Accouchementə-KOOSH-məntPart of speech: nounOrigin: French, late 18th century
1The process of giving birth to a baby.
Examples of Accouchement in a sentence “It took the entire zoo team to assist the elephant during her accouchement.” “Every mother has a different method to make accouchement bearable.

3-2-1 THURSDAY – James Clear Newsletter

3-2-1 Newsletter by James Clear“The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.”
3-2-1: On eliminating clutter, reinventing yourself, and unity
read on JAMESCLEAR.COM | FEBRUARY 25, 2021
Happy 3-2-1 Thursday,
I hope you’re finishing February on a high note. Spring is coming.
Here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question to consider for the week…

3 Ideas From Me
“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.
You don’t have to do it all today. Just lay a brick.”
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“School requires you to learn about things after the answer has already been decided.
Life requires you to learn about things while the answer is in the process of being decided.”
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“Clarity is the elimination of mental clutter.
Agility is the elimination of physical clutter.
Tranquility is the elimination of spiritual clutter.”
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2 Quotes From Others
Film director and screenwriter Krzysztof Kieslowski on unity:
“If there is anything worthwhile doing for the sake of culture, then it is touching on subject matters and situations which link people, and not those that divide people. There are too many things in the world which divide people, such as religion, politics, history, and nationalism.
If culture is capable of anything, then it is finding that which unites us all. And there are so many things which unite people. It doesn’t matter who you are or who I am—if your tooth aches or mine, it’s still the same pain. Feelings are what link people together, because the word “love” has the same meaning for everybody. Or “fear,” or “suffering.” We all fear the same way … and we all love in the same way.
That’s why I tell about these things, because in all other things I immediately find division.”
Source: Kieslowski’s Many Colours 

Poet Diane Ackerman on reinventing yourself:
“Living things tend to change unrecognizably as they grow. Who would deduce the dragonfly from the larva, the iris from the bud, the lawyer from the infant?
Flora or fauna, we are all shapeshifters and magical reinventors. Life is really a plural noun, a caravan of selves.”
Source: Cultivating Delight

1 Question For You
A question from venture capitalist and executive coach, Jerry Colonna:
“How are you complicit in creating the conditions you say you don’t want?”

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via Seth Godin Newsletter

* The order of operations [ https://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/645175234/0/sethsblog/posts~The-order-of-operations/ ]

If you put the jelly on before the peanut butter, the sandwich will fail.

And if you try to spread the peanut butter on the plate and then add the bread, it will fail even worse.

Like so many things, the order is not optional.

And yet, we often do the least-scary or easiest parts first, regardless of what the order of operations tells us.


Charivarishee-və-REEPart of speech: nounOrigin: French, mid 17th century
1(historical) A noisy mock serenade performed by a group of people to celebrate a marriage or mock an unpopular person.2A series of discordant noises.
Examples of Charivari in a sentence “The groomsmen broke out into a spontaneous charivari as the reception was ending.” “The orchestra’s warmup was a loud charivari.”

Did you know..

Did you know…

… that today is the birthday of the Grand Teton National Park? In 1929, President Coolidge signed the Act that created the Grand Teton National Park. Trivia buffs: The park encompasses approximately 310,000 acres of wilderness, approximately 100 miles of paved roads and nearly 200 miles of trails for hikers to enjoy.


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.'”

— Harvey MacKay

Did you know..

Did you know…

… that today is the birthday of the Grand Teton National Park? In 1929, President Coolidge signed the Act that created the Grand Teton National Park. Trivia buffs: The park encompasses approximately 310,000 acres of wilderness, approximately 100 miles of paved roads and nearly 200 miles of trails for hikers to enjoy.


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.'”

— Harvey MacKay

Let’s all Eat Right Day

Did you know…

… that today is Let’s All Eat Right Day? Celebrate the birthday of nutritionist Adelle Davis who was famous for advocating healthy eating, especially via her bestselling book, “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit.”


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code.”

— Author Unknown

That might not be the right question

* That might not be the right question [ https://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/644899242/0/sethsblog/posts~That-might-not-be-the-right-question/ ]

“Where do you get your ideas?”

The thing is, everyone has ideas. All the time, every day. Having ideas is part of the human condition.

The right questions might be:

Are you exposing yourself to new inputs and new situations, and challenging yourself to find more interesting ideas?

Are you pushing the ideas you have further, making them more complete, turning them from hunches to notions to ideas to theories?

Are you publishing your theories, sharing your reasoning and having your ideas collide with the real world in service of making things better?

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PukkaPUH-kuhPart of speech: adjectiveOrigin: Hindi, late 17th century
1(British informal) Genuine.2Of or appropriate to high or respectable society.
Examples of Pukka in a sentence “The clerk bit down on the gold coin to make sure it was pukka.” “The restaurant was very pukka, from the expensive suits worn by the staff down to the tiny snail forks. “

SEASONED Nuts quotable…

“If there was an epidemic, that definitely would make people accept vaccines. I wouldn’t hope for that, of course, but if you wanted people to love vaccines, an epidemic would remind them how magical they are.” — Bill Gates

“150 people die every year from being hit by falling coconuts. Not to worry, drug makers are developing a vaccine.” — Jim Carrey