Fun days

Fun Days

National Hangover Day – 1 January 

Thesaurus Day – 18 January 

Winnie-the-Pooh Day – 18 January 

Content marketing ideas    

Listicle idea: X Drinks that won’t give you a hangover 

Infographic idea: X Drinks to cure your hangover 

Video idea: What does each Winnie-the-Pooh character represent? 

Podcast idea: Does reading a thesaurus play a significant part in a child’s early development? 


Lohri Content Marketing Ideas

Lohri – 13 January 

Sankranti/Pongal – 14 January 

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti – 20 January 

Content marketing ideas  

Listicle idea: X Easy Punjabi dishes you should try making 

Infographic idea: Different harvest festivals celebrated across India 

Video idea: Why is Pongal celebrated? 

Podcast idea: What lessons can we learn from Guru Gobind Singh? 


Birthday Content Marketing Ideas

Vidya Balan – 1 January 

JRR Tolkien – 3 January 

Deepika Padukone – 5 January 

Bradley Cooper – 5 January 

AR Rahman – 6 January 

Bipasha Basu – 7 January 

Elvis Presley – 8 January 

Stephen Hawking – 8 January 

Farhan Akhtar – 9 January 

Hrithik Roshan – 10 January 

Kalki Koechlin – 10 January 

Rahul Dravid – 11 January 

Swami Vivekananda – 12 January 

Zayn Malik – 12 January 

Jeff Bezos – 12 January 

Michelle Obama – 17 January 

Jim Carrey – 17 January 

Martin Luther King Jr – 20 January 

Subhas Chandra Bose – 23 January 

Ellen DeGeneres – 26 January 

Oprah Winfrey – 29 January 

Justin Timberlake – 31 January 

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: X Scientific advancements pioneered by Stephen Hawking’s discoveries 

Infographic idea: X Movies you didn’t know Farhan Akhtar was part of 

Video idea: Exercises you can do to get Hrithik Roshan’s abs 

Podcast idea: Is the fact that we have more billionaires than ever worrying?