One more Milestone attained….

I began the Toastmasters journey on 14th August 2018, became a member of a club on 1st September 2018 and gave my 12 MINUTE icebreaker speech and got disqualified as I wasn’t supposed to speak for more than 6 – 61/2 minutes.

I got wonderful mentors along the way and joined several clubs to date. My learning was well supported by my mentor Mr. Askander Mirza DTM and others.

This is a moment to say thank you, express gratitude and also to take a break from this break-neck speed learning that I have been indulging in for past 4 years with Udemy first and Toastmasters International next. The reason for joining TI does not exist any more but the will to learn has not died so may be some day, I shall return and do tha remaining

  1. 5 more Pathways
  2. DTM Program
  3. Accredited Speakers Program

and keep speaking, keep sharing, keep emptying my cup so as to make it available for learning something new, something I always wanted to but time, moeny, effort, circumstances and excuses that prevented me from learning.

This is a moment to say thank you to Family – especially my wife who was overjoyed with each Best Speaker, Roletaker ribbon I would win or a Level Completion badge, certificate and ribbon I would get – my daughters, grand daughter all cheered with equal zeal. So did my fellow toastmasters, evaluators, mentors, Office bearers of each club I spoke at for project speech – I thank them humbly and with my heart.

Thank you all.

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