Jai Bajrang Bali

Gita Press publications are indeed very affordable and economical and within the reach of common man.

My mother had a habit of either writing Ram Ram in many copybooks and then flow it in the current of holy rivers in India.

Or she would write Hanuman Chalisa in her wonderfully beautiful pearly handwriting to gift it to the poor – she would even teach the North East girls who stayed in her Shabri Kanya Ashram Hostel ( Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram) Raipur and teach them to read Hindi/ Devnagri script.

Last month, I began writing Shiv Sahastra Naam and BhagvadGita in small Menora notebooks (Dotted) ones. I had not written for many years in Marathi and HIndi. I just completed 3rd Chapter of Gita and Shiva Namavali.

Handwriting is improving and I wish to use up all my 100+ pens collected over 47 years of work life to fill up the pages – in this manner. It is satisfying.

I also bought a Gita Press Diary this year. I began translating the Shlokas in Marathi in my diary where the meaning in Hindi is already given. In another book I have English translation. Hopefully, it will be useful for someone – I do not know who. And with Namami Gange and Clean Ganga initiatives – throwing these in Holy rivers is out of the question. I am sure, a Pupil ready to learn will arrive. The Mentor/ Master is ready.