Welcome 2021 – Bye Bye 2020

January Content Marketing Ideas

Janus, the two-headed Roman god after whom the first month of the year is named, is said to look both, at the past and the future. As 2021 dawns, perhaps it is best that we do the same – learn from the lessons of the previous year while rebuilding the future with hope. Use these content marketing ideas to fuel a sense of renewed energy for the new year in your customers, from the fervent Republic Day to the International Day of Cleanliness. 

What’s new in January 2021?  

Potential roll out of COVID-19 vaccine  

Covid Vaccine Content Marketing Ideas

With multiple vaccines set to go on the floor in January, it looks like we will be one step closer to controlling the pandemic. So, what should your brand be talking about? 

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: X Common tips to follow before getting vaccinated 

Infographic idea: Who will be the first to get the vaccine? 

Video idea: How are vaccines developed? 

Podcast idea: Should you wait before getting the vaccine? 

New rule for check payments 

Check Content Marketing Ideas

RBI has introduced a new “positive pay system” for safer check payments. Here are some conversation starters so that your customers can understand this better. 

Content marketing ideas  

Listicle idea: Types of checks you should be aware of 

Infographic idea: What details are you required to reconfirm under the positive pay system? 

Video idea: Here’s how your check can be used to commit fraud 

Podcast idea: Alternative payment options you can consider apart from checks 

Fixed Days

New Year’s Day – 1 January  

New Year

Content marketing ideas

Listicle idea: Financial planning tips for the year ahead  

Infographic idea: Realistic New Year’s resolutions you should consider  

Video idea: What can we learn from 2020? 

Podcast idea: What to do if you’re ringing in the new year by yourself 

Brand campaign that worked:  

This ad by H&M articulates everyone’s hopes for 2021 after all the difficulties of 2020. 

Coming up: World Braille Day – 4 January  

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