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NOVEMBER 25, 2020

Content Marketing Ideas for your December calendar

BY SCATTER EDITORIAL DESK7 MIN READDecember Content Marketing Ideas

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a whirlwind year; with many ups and downs. But December brings with it a change in the air. There’s a feeling of renewed hope as everyone looks forward to another year of fresh beginnings and all things wonderful. Use these thought-starters to spark new conversations with your readers, whether it’s the practical International Day of Banks or the joyful event of Christmas.

What’s new in December 2020?

Winter Tax Filing

Tax Filing Content Marketing Ideas

An important financial step that you usually take in July every year has now been moved to December because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what should your brand be talking about?

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: X Exemptions and deductions that can reduce your taxable income
  • Infographic idea: How to pick the right ITR form to file your taxes
  • Video idea: A quick guide on how to file your taxes online
  • Podcast idea: History of Income Tax worldwide

Virtual Christmas & New Year’s Eve

With plenty of festivities in store, it’s likely that many will let down their guard for parties and gatherings. Encouraging virtual celebrations could be a step in the right direction. And here are some conversations that your brand can initiate.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: X Innovative ideas for a socially distanced New Year’s Eve party at home
  • Infographic idea: The best movies to watch if you’re spending Christmas alone
  • Video idea: Can’t travel home? Here are some easy Christmas dishes you can try
  • Podcast idea: How can you keep yourself safe if you’re at a New Year event?

New wave of COVID-19

After a few months of relative normalcy, a new wave of COVID-19 is hitting different cities across the world. Closer to home, it is possible that certain states and cities could see new restrictions and lockdowns. So, what can your brand talk about during this time?

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: X Apps that can keep you updated with the latest news
  • Infographic idea: Places that are most likely to be COVID-19 hotspots
  • Video idea: Here’s how a second wave of the COVID-19 infection could affect your body
  • Podcast idea: How can we handle the COVID-19 wave this time around?

Socially distanced wedding season

The wedding season is usually when hundreds of friends and relatives gather to celebrate their loved ones’ happy day. But with precautions and restrictions in place, how can you make the big day special?

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: Video platforms that can take your virtual wedding a notch higher
  • Infographic idea: Tips to make an attractive face mask to complement your ethnic outfit
  • Video idea: How to arrange a perfect (and safe) wedding ceremony in your home
  • Podcast idea: Celebration ideas for those who cannot physically attend your wedding

Fixed Days

World AIDS Day – 1 December

World Aids Day

This day is celebrated to recognize the role that communities play in response to AIDS at the local, national, and international levels.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea:  How does AIDS affect pregnant women and their children?
  • Infographic idea: Who is at the greatest risk of contracting HIV?
  • Video idea: A history of the AIDS epidemic, starting from the 80s
  • Podcast idea: How far has treatment of AIDS come in the last two decades?

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery – 2 December

Abolition of Slavery

This day is observed to raise awareness of ‘modern slavery’, which includes forced labor, forced marriage, and human trafficking, and aims to highlight issues of exploitation.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: How are governments coming together to create laws to end modern slavery?
  • Infographic idea: Signs of modern slavery you can’t ignore
  • Video idea: What is the history of the first transatlantic slave trade?
  • Podcast idea: How many countries did slaves come from?

Brand campaign that worked

This video by Kent Police encourages everyone to be vigilant and look out for signs of human trafficking in our own communities.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities – 3 December

Day of people with disability

This day is observed to promote the rights and well-being of people with disabilities from all spheres of life.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: What are ‘invisible disabilities’?
  • Infographic idea: What are the most common causes of mental disabilities?
  • Video idea: Real stories of people who overcame their disabilities
  • Podcast idea: Why are mental disabilities overlooked?

Brand campaign that worked

This heartwarming video by Apple shows how technology makes aspects of everyday life accessible to people with disabilities.

International Day of Banks – 4 December

Bank Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day is celebrated to recognize the role of multilateral development banks and the role of banking systems in contributing to the improvement of the standard of living.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: What are the safest banks to keep your savings in?
  • Infographic idea: X Things you need to keep in mind when applying for a loan
  • Video idea: How do banks make money?
  • Podcast idea: What should you look for when opening a bank account?

Brand campaign that worked

This ad by The Royal bank of Scotland shows the journey of £10 and the joy it brings to a variety of people.

International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development – 5 December

Volunteer Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day celebrates volunteers and organizations across the world and aims to share and promote their values.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: Here’s what you should know before becoming a volunteer
  • Infographic idea: How can being a volunteer benefit you?
  • Video idea: How is money raised at fundraisers for various causes?
  • Podcast idea: What will the future of volunteering look like?

World Soil Day – 5 December

World Soil Day

This day is marked to bring to the attention of people the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for its sustainable management.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: X Ways you can improve garden soil
  • Infographic idea: X Compost ideas for your home garden
  • Video idea: How do insects improve soil quality?
  • Podcast idea: How can you compost effectively?

International Civil Aviation Day – 7 December

Civil Aviation Day

This day is meant to raise awareness about the importance of international aviation for the social and economic development of nations.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: What is a black box and how is it useful?
  • Infographic idea: Must-visit aviation museums around the world
  • Video idea: What went on behind the Wright Brothers’ first flight?
  • Podcast idea: What happens to aircraft that disappear in the ocean?

Brand campaign that worked

This ad by British Airways shows how an air hostess from the airline befriends an elderly woman on her flight and how it leads to a warm, rewarding relationship.

International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime – 9 December


This day is celebrated to commemorate and honor genocide victims and to raise awareness of the Genocide Convention and its role is combating and preventing genocide.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: Modern-day genocides you might not have heard of
  • Infographic idea: Genocide museums around the world
  • Video idea: How did Anne Frank’s diary change the world?
  • Podcast idea: How do genocide survivors cope with memory and trauma of the past?

International Anti-Corruption Day – 9 December

Anti Corruption Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day is commemorated to raise awareness against corruption, which is a barrier against social and economic development in societies.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: X Signs of a corrupt workplace you must watch out for
  • Infographic idea: A roundup of the sternest anti-corruption laws around the world
  • Video idea: People who are working to reform corrupt systems from the ground up
  • Podcast idea: How safe is the life of a whistleblower?

Brand campaign that worked:

This ad by Videocon shows how an elderly man subtly rebuffs a request to pay a bribe to get his work done.

Human Rights Day – 10 December

Human Rights Day

This day commemorates the adoption of Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN, which proclaims basic rights everyone human is entitled to, irrespective of race, religion, sex, language, and political or other opinion.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: X People below 20 who fight for human rights everyday
  • Infographic idea: Are you aware of the rights you have?
  • Video idea: Human rights movements that inspired a better future
  • Podcast idea: What does it mean to stand for human rights?

International Mountain Day – 11 December

International Mountain Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day celebrates the rich landscape of mountains and aims to raise awareness for their conservation. This year’s theme is ‘mountain biodiversity’.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: X Photography tips to capture the magnificence of mountains
  • Infographic idea: X Tools you need to start mountain climbing
  • Video idea: Here’s how indigenous cultures protect mountain ecosystems
  • Podcast idea: What kind of effort goes into organizing an expedition to Mt Everest?

International Day of Neutrality – 12 December

International Neutrality Day

This day is celebrated to raise public awareness of the value of neutrality in international relations.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea:  How to make a career as a diplomat
  • Infographic idea: The most militarized places on Earth
  • Video idea: X Inspiring tales from the lives of frontline peacemakers
  • Podcast idea: What are the benefits of looking at both sides of an argument?

International Universal Health Coverage Day – 12 December

This day is commemorated to drive member nations to adopt universal healthcare by 2030.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: Steps Indian government has taken to move towards universal healthcare
  • Infographic idea: How can universal health coverage benefit you?
  • Video idea: What goes into the functioning of the best healthcare systems in the world?
  • Podcast idea: How will universal healthcare change post COVID?

Brand campaign that worked:

This video by the World Bank shows how a universal healthcare system can make a difference to a family, especially if they cannot afford to pay.

International Migrants Day – 18 December

Migrants Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day is commemorated to strengthen the protection of migrants and refugees around the globe.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea:  X Compelling movies/documentaries on refugees
  • Infographic idea: Most supportive countries in the world for refugees
  • Video idea: How is Amnesty International trying to solve the world refugee crisis?
  • Podcast idea: How can cities be better prepared for interstate migration?

International Human Solidarity Day – 20 December

This day celebrates unity in diversity and raises awareness about the importance of solidarity and poverty eradication.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea:  Ways to practice solidarity while enforcing social distancing
  • Infographic idea: Examples of peaceful protests around the world
  • Video idea: X Movements that went international
  • Podcast idea: How does social media unite people around the world?

Fun Days

Fun Days Content Marketing Ideas

International Ninja Day – 5 December

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day – 12 December

Monkey Day – 14 December

Games Day – 20 December

Crossword Puzzle Day – 21 December

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: Try these new games with your friends over the holidays
  • Infographic idea: Types of candles and the atmosphere they promote
  • Video idea: Do the way monkeys communicate differ from humans?
  • Podcast idea: Can solving crossword puzzles sharpen your brain?


Hornbill Festival Content Marketing Ideas

Kumbhalgarh Festival – 1-3 December

Chennai Music Festival – December 2020- Jan 2021

Hornbill Festival – 1-10 December

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: What are the best months to travel around India for local festivals?
  • Infographic idea: X Folk art that’s famous in Rajasthan
  • Video idea: The evolution of Indian classical music
  • Podcast idea: How diverse are music festivals in India?


Birthdays Content Marketing Ideas

Pablo Escobar –1 December

Britney Spears – 2 December

Shiva Ayyadurai – 2 December

Walt Disney – 5 December

Noam Chomsky – 7 December

Emily Dickinson – 10 December

Viswanathan Anand – 11 December

Dilip Kumar – 11 December

Rajinikanth – 12 December

Yuvraj Singh – 12 December

Taylor Swift – 13 December

Vijay Amritraj – 14 December

BKS Iyengar –14 December

Bhaichung Bhutia – 15 December

John Abraham – 17 December

Pope Francis – 17 December

Billie Eilish – 18 December

Brad Pitt – 18 December

Jake Gyllenhaal – 19 December

Govinda – 21 December

Srinivasa Ramanujan – 22 December

Anil Kapoor – 24 December

Mohammed Rafi – 24 December

Kit Harington – 26 December

Salman Khan – 27 December

Stan Lee – 28 December

Dhirubai Ambani – 28 December

Ratan Tata – 28 December

Twinkle Khanna – 29 December

LeBron James – 30 December

Rudyard Kipling – 30 December

Ben Kingsley – 31 December

Alex Ferguson – 31 December

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: What is the process to elect a new pope?
  • Infographic idea: Britney Spears’ greatest music video looks
  • Video idea: Easy yoga poses you can do every morning
  • Podcast idea: How can we encourage children to enjoy mathematics?

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