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January: hope, inspiration & excitement aboundAs winter’s chilly winds blow into January, the cold might not seem to sting as hard as it did in 2020. After all, January brings with it a whole lot of optimism, the possibility of new beginnings and the change to revive old dreams and plans. It is not only a new year but a new decade.  Of course, not everything will magically change as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. But those feelings of excitement and hope on the horizon are almost palpable. Soon, we might be able to return to the simpler pleasures of life that we once took for granted.  As a vaccine roll-out draws closer, hugs and handshakes will be exchanged without worry. Travel plans to elusive getaways will be made with less abandon. And this renewed vigor will bring tons of fresh perspectives, new resolutions, renewed bucket lists and more.  So, leave behind the baggage of the year gone by as you enter January 2021. There’s plenty to celebrate as we embrace a new year. Look toward progress in the brilliant work of the younger generation on World Youth Day. Clear up some of the clutter on National Cleanliness Day. And transform upcoming #contentmarketing opportunities into heartening, uplifting conversations with your audience with these ideas.    

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