What’s up with those mystery monoliths, anyway?


Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is Bake Cookies Day? People, young and old, celebrate this day by baking their favorite cookies. Try a new recipe, or two, or three, or… 😉


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.”

— Barbara Jordan

Blunders and Mistakes – By Seth Godin

via : Seth Godin’s Newsletter

Blunders and mistakes

In chess, a blunder is a mistake that no one can excuse. Even one blunder and you’re probably going to lose.

In our vigilance to avoid blunders, sometimes we try to eliminate mistakes as well.

For understandable reasons, we spend a lot of time trying to avoid blunders and minimizing mistakes. But if that’s all we do, we’ve given up the chance to do something magical.

If you’re working on the frontier, if you’re leading, creating or inventing, you’ve signed up for mistakes. That’s the price of innovation.

After the fact, it’s easy for an attempt at great work to look like nothing but a blunder. But it might simply be a mistake that we can learn from.

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International Migrants Day – 18 December

International Migrants Day – 18 December

Migrants Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day is commemorated to strengthen the protection of migrants and refugees around the globe.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea:  X Compelling movies/documentaries on refugees
  • Infographic idea: Most supportive countries in the world for refugees
  • Video idea: How is Amnesty International trying to solve the world refugee crisis?
  • Podcast idea: How can cities be better prepared for interstate migration?

Speaking – Ozan Varol

Think Different: The Power of Cognitive Diversity Many businesses strive to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. But an often-overlooked aspect of the issue is cognitive diversity—which is based on differences in viewpoint or perspective. According to cutting-edge research, cognitive diversity can promote problem-solving and increase innovation by bringing a wide variety of perspectives to the table. Most businesses stifle cognitive diversity. As a result, groupthink and conformity pop up even in institutions whose lifeblood is creativity. Employees hide their best selves rather than go against the grain. In this keynote, Ozan will share a lively, anecdote-filled roadmap that business leaders can use to promote a thriving corporate culture that harnesses cognitive diversity. You’ll learn: The two reasons why most modern workplaces stifle cognitive diversity and undermine creativity How conformity led to the biggest disasters in rocket-science history (and what businesses can learn from these disasters) Why the best ideas come from great teams, not great individuals How to harness the power of diversity while maintaining team unity How businesses can promote psychological safety where employees feel free to speak up

Speaking – Ozan Varol