Farmer LAWs – Facts about the Agitation


In a debate on Republic TV “yesterday”, Sanju Varma of BJP said 70% of the MSP allocation goes to just two states — Punjab and Haryana. To this, Prof. D K Giri retorted, ‘but they also contribute ‘70% of the country’s food production’.


Let’s find out: ( via Sh. RajGopalan on WhatsApp)

Statistics for the year 2017-18 show as follows:

The largest contributor was U.P. (31.98%).
Followed by

  • Punjab #2 (17.9%),
  • M.P. #3 (15.96%),
  • Haryana #4 (11.19%). – Rajasthan, Bihar and Gujarat follow at #5, 6 and 7 together accounting for 21.09%.

This shows that Punjab and Haryana together contributed 28.28% of the total wheat production in 2017-18.


The largest contributor was West Bengal, with 13.26% for the same period (17-18).
Followed by Punjab #2 (11.85%),
U.P. #3 (11.75%),
Andhra #4 (7.24%),
Bihar#5 (7.01%),
Tamil Nadu #6 (6.45%),
Orissa #7 (5.78%),
Telengana #8 (5.54%),
Assam #9 (4.57%),
Ch’garh #10 (4.19%), Haryana #11 (4.0%),
M.P. #12 (3.65%).
Others 14.71%.

Punjab (@#2) and Haryana (@#11) together contributed 15.85% of the country’s total rice production.

So, the 70% myth gets blown away. And it is not only the uninformed professor, but the general impression among most of us is that Punjab and Haryana are our exclusive food suppliers.

During the debate, Shri. Chengal Reddy, a renowned farmer’s leader from Andhra said that rice and wheat producers are not the only farmers! (A POINT TO NOTE). There are fruits and vegetable producers, producers of chilli and spices, pulses, oil seeds, tubers, rubber, cotton, sugarcane and others. They are farmers, too!
Therefore, Punjab farmers cannot hold the country to ransom is the message that Chengal Reddy, as well as the statistics given above, delivers.

Food for thought (yet not taught)