International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development – 5 December

Volunteer Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day celebrates volunteers and organizations across the world and aims to share and promote their values.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: Here’s what you should know before becoming a volunteer
  • Infographic idea: How can being a volunteer benefit you?
  • Video idea: How is money raised at fundraisers for various causes?
  • Podcast idea: What will the future of volunteering look like?

World Soil Day – 5 December

World Soil Day

This day is marked to bring to the attention of people the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for its sustainable management.

Content marketing ideas

  • Listicle idea: X Ways you can improve garden soil
  • Infographic idea: X Compost ideas for your home garden
  • Video idea: How do insects improve soil quality?
  • Podcast idea: How can you compost effectively?