30.11.2020 My weblog

Weather is cool, Just 2° C higher than the threshold limit I am told of the ChineseCoronaVirus i.e. 14°C and lower and now the 2nd wave of the scary period starts as the Vaccine approvals are still awaited.

A man and woman came from BBMP few days ago, asked my and family details like age, whether I recovered from COVID etc. Said it is for the Vaccine list. The RWA said their purpose of coming was something “different” and they did not go from flat to flat.

Anyways, we are better prepared than we were in March when the country’s PM told us to Bajao Thali Ghanta = as there was only Babaji ka Thullu as answer for Chinese Virus. Have we become wiser, better after over 1 Lakh deaths? I wonder.

Adhyay – 2 – Shloka -42,43,44


O ARJUNA, unwise people who think of nothing but material desires and pleasures, and who believe in the Vedas as well, think that heaven means the absolute end of oneself.

हे अर्जुन ! जो भोगों में तन्मय हो रहे हैं, जो कर्मफल के प्रशंसक वेदवाक्यों में ही प्रीति रखते हैं, जिनकी बुद्भि में स्वर्ग ही परम प्राप्य वस्तु है और जो स्वर्ग से बढ़कर दूसरी कोई वस्तु ही नहीं है —– ऐसा कहने वाले हैं, वे अविवेकजन इस प्रकार की ।। ४२ ।।

These same people, O ARJUNA, speak beautiful words describing heaven in all its glory and beauty. They speak of heaven as the ultimate goal for one to achieve in life. They speak of all the good actions they have performed in life and that the result of their good deeds will be the gaining of worldly pleasures, and everlasting wealth in their present life as well as ensure favourable and pleasant birth in their next life.

जिस पुष्पित अर्थात् दिखाऊ शोभायुक्त्त वाणी को कहा करते हैं, जो कि जन्मरूप कर्मफल देने वाली एवं भोग तथा ऐश्वर्य की प्राप्ति के लिये नाना प्रकार की बहुत-सी क्रियाओं का वर्णन ।। ४३ ।।

O ARJUNA, these ignorant people who seek pleasure through material possessions and prosperity, are brainwashed and obsessed with the desire for more and mire material pleasure. Because of this brainwashed state of mind and this obsession, they are unable to think logically, and lack the wisdom to make wise decisions for themselves in life.

करने वाली है, उस वाणी द्वारा जिनका चित्त हर लिया गया है, जो भोग और ऐश्वर्य में अत्यन्त आसक्त्त हैं, उन पुरुषों की परमात्मा में निश्चयात्मिका बुद्भि नहीं होती ।। ४४ ।।

Tomorrow on 1st December I have a 3 Shloka Combo to Read, write, understand, share. For some reason these 3 have come together. I am using a new Notebook for a few days now. It lets me write better but inkmarks appear when I try to write on both sides. What a Waste! I recall my poor childhood – I would use every 90% used notebook by others available to me to write and study or to write on all 4 covers of old books about to be thrown in Raddi or my own notebooks from yesteryears. Poverty did not let me reduce the size of my written fonts though. A change, I now see quite interestingly when I type more and write less and less. Wife is amused at my collection of pens, ball and roller pens and felt tipped sign pens and Gel pens. I don’t know when God made me able and I began collecting over 100 pens while I kept gifting them too.

My prayer

God make me able,

Able to Give and Give More

So that I can create empty space

So that you can Give me More.

seemed to have been answered by HIM along the way, without me even noticing. Such are the Showers of Blessings – which like the Chill weather come in our life with such regularity and we keep sending our demands in our prayers UPwards while God does not stop – his blessings keep coming down all the time.