27-11-2020 My Daily Weblog

ARJUNA, if you fight this battle, think of how it shall benefit you. If you die during battle, you will go to heaven and be in eternal peace. If you shall be victorious O ARJUNA, you will be the ruler of this Kingdom. O ARJUNA, stand up, take courage, and fight!

या तो तू युद्ध में मारा जाकर स्वर्ग को प्राप्त होगा अथवा संग्राम में जीतकर पृथ्वी का राज्य भोगेगा । इस कारण हे अर्जुन ! तू युद्ध के लिए निश्चित करके खड़ा हो जा ।। ३७ ।।


The Blessed Lord spoke unto Arjuna:

O ARJUNA, by considering victory and defeat, pleasure and pain, gain and loss with indifference, you will not commit any sin.

जय-पराजय, लाभ-हानि और सुख-दुःखों को समान समझकर उसके वाद युद्ध के लिये तैयार हो जा : इस प्रकार युद्ध करने से तू पाप को नहीं प्राप्त होगा ।। ३८ ।।

Begin the day at 4.30. New Alarm was UNSTOPPABLE, Finally got up with heavy legs (wanting to rest some more) Lower back pain that’s not going for several days now,

Made some great Tea with Nettle Leaf tea added to normal Tea and to make it even stronger added Earl Grey Tea bag and Tea Masala tea bag, I like my morning cuppa Tea – strong, very strong. Add Cloves and Cardamom for taste,

Sometimes my tea is like a Kadha so esseniial for a COVID SURVIVOR with one teaspoon of Turmeric powder, bit of ginger, bit of Cinnamon too,. When I have back pain I try adding Moringa Powder too,

My 2nd Cuppa is actually my normal tea – made by wife, By then I am fully awake, done my weight, Temperature, BP, SPO2 checks and taken any medicines I forgot to take in the night.

These days wife gives me another antibody booster dose in the night and what it does is help clean the stomach and makes you hungry at the right times of the day, LIke yesterday – at 4 pm I was DINNER READY. But Cyclone Jowar had brought cold weather, incessant rains in Bengaluru city making morning or evening walks impossible, Impossible because, BBMP the Municipal corporation makes us choose only those as corporators who have JCB excavator machines. They get work for 5 years and are 24/7 at work digging holes, making roads, breaking roads, digging sewage water lines or drinking water pipe laying very close to ,,,,, FIBRE OPTIC CABLES so that we have no internet and we can not complain about them on SOCIAL MEDIA. Such Wise men,,, these corporators!

I began painting after a break and completing 3 in one go now and they are ready for Watercolor – final treatment and finishing touches, 6 years of amateur paintings – picking from web a great pic, printing it and then making a replica so I can learn, It is still Hobby painting, Wife as Mentor comes in telling me to straighten the staircase lines and ensuring that even in a Green and white only pic – I should add a different color to stairs as if that is why I wish to paint ! 🙂 🙂

But rant apart, this helped me gift over 3500 paintings for Covid Warriors and that was the high point, the real pineal gland pleasure (pun intended).

Thought provoking phrase today…

An Arm and a Leg

Meaning: Something that is extremely expensive.

Costs an arm and a leg.

Expensive things will cost you one of these. Figuratively speaking, of course.

And …

A Weird word


to play about, frolic or gambol

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