Did you know..

Did you know…

… that today is World Hello Day? It is really easy to participate — just say hello to the people you meet today. This demonstrates the importance of personal communication for preserving peace. So, let’s all make a difference. Get out on the streets today and say “Hello” to at least ten people!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Some people come into your life for a lifetime, and some come for a season. Never mix seasonal people up with lifetime expectations.”

— Author Unknown

The Law of Karna


The law of Karma is the counterpart of the law of cause and effect, which operates in the physical world. If there were no law of cause and effect in the physical world there would be chaos. In the same way, if there were no law of Karma in the world of values, there would be uncertainty in values, and people would not know whether they were to expect good or bad from their actions. In the physical world there is the law of conservation of energy, and in the world of values, there is the law that once Karma comes into existence, it persists until it bears its own fruit or is undone through counter-Karma.

The series of incarnations that the soul is impelled to take through Karmic determination has a tendency to become endless. Through innumerable lives the aspirant has come into contact with countless persons. He is entangled in a web of debts to pay and dues to recover, and according to the Karmic law he can neither avoid the debts nor the dues, since both are the outcome of desire. He keeps incarnating to pay off his debts and to recover his dues, but even when he means to clear up the account he is often unable to do so.

The carrying on of Karmic debts and dues would be endless were there no provision for release from them through the help of the Master, who can not only initiate the aspirant into the art of unbinding Karma, but can directly become instrumental in freeing him from his Karmic entanglements. The Master has attained unity with God, whose cosmic and universal life includes all persons, and he can in his representative capacity become for the sake of the aspirant the medium for clearing up the debts and dues he has incurred in his incarnations.

When the good Karma has secured for the aspirant the benefit of contacting a Master, he should surrender himself to the Master and serve him.

Through surrender the aspirant throws the burden of his Karma on the Master, and through service of the Master he gets an opportunity to get clear. The relation between Master and disciple may be carried on from one life to another for several reincarnations. If the Master who has given instruction and help to a group of disciples takes an incarnation for his work he usually brings them with him as his group of disciples to help them further on their Path.

Those who have been connected with him in past lives are drawn to him by an unconscious magnetism. There is usually a long history to the Master; the disciple is often beginning where he had left off in the last incarnation.

By Meher Baba
Copyright AMBPPCT

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14. World Television Day – 21 November

14. World Television Day – 21 November

Television Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day is celebrated to recognize the role that television has played in presenting different issues that affect people.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: X Features you should look for while purchasing a television
  • Infographic idea: The best Indian movies from every decade, ranked
  • Video idea: X old TV advertisements that rekindle nostalgia
  • Podcast idea: How can TV manage to stay relevant in the day of OTT platforms?

Brand campaign that worked:

Tata Sky beautifully puts across how families have experienced some of the most monumental events while gathered around their television sets.

15. World Philosophy Day – 21 November

15. World Philosophy Day – 21 November

Philiosophy Day Content Marketing Ideas

This day is celebrated across the world with a view to renewing interest and research on philosophical topics.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: X Philosophies that you might not believe actually exist
  • Infographic idea: Lesser-known philosophers you might not have heard of
  • Video idea: How has ancient philosophy influenced modern ethics?
  • Podcast idea: What does a ‘successful’ career in philosophy entail?

Seth Godin’s newsletter

A paradox of community, belief and reality

Belief happens when we combine community with emotion. It’s a way for us to see and understand the world, at the same time that we engage with some of the people around us. Belief is a symptom of shared connection, and community makes us human.

Reality, on the other hand, is widely experienced and consistent. Gravity doesn’t care if you believe in it or not, it’s still here. And that jar of jelly beans has the same number of beans in it, no matter how many times we count them.

When belief doesn’t match our experience of reality, stress occurs.

This stress can surprisingly make community stronger. There’s very little community among people who believe that the Earth is a sphere, no meetings or conventions of the round Earth people. That’s because you don’t need belief to know that the Earth is round.

There is a long history of building community cohesion by encouraging members to ignore the facts of the world around them.

The disconnect between what’s out there and the emotions that lead us to believe something that isn’t real can actually make a community tighter. Sometimes, the disconnect between belief and reality is precisely the point. When the disconnect gets really large and the community becomes more insulated, cults arise.

But in our modern age, this stressful disconnect between belief and reality also makes it difficult to spread the word. The outsider may be hesitant to sign up for the stress that belief in non-real things can cause.

As more and more information is just a click away, and as our culture fractures into a long-tail of filter bubbles, the chasms between belief and reality become more profound. But beliefs change, and reality persists, and so the cycles continue.

Writing Prompt Paragraph

She looked at her little girl who was about to become a teen. She tried to think back to when the girl had been younger but failed to pinpoint the exact moment when she had become a little too big to pick up and carry. It hit her all at once. She was no longer a little girl and she stood there speechless with fear, sadness, and pride all running through her at the same time.