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Signals from the Future

🌬 AI can tell if you’ve got COVID by your cough
Designed by MIT, a new tool uses neural networks to listen for changes to a person’s cough that indicate if they’re infected—even if they have no other symptoms. The automated world is here to help. 

💣  Statistic predicts growing U.S. political violence
Wage stagnation, national debt, competition between elites, government distrust, and more: researchers have developed a political stress indicator to explain how inequality leads to political instability. UBI, anyone?

🎨  San Francisco to pay artists a $1k-per-month stipend
The six-month pilot program will launch early next year for 130 artists, and the money can be spent on anything, from food to rent to art supplies. It’s all part of creating a more equitable future.

🏦  Digital bank to serve Black and Latinx consumers
Traditional banks too often reject low-income applicants or charge non-White customers more for financial services. So rapper Michael “Killer Mike” Render decided to start Greenwood.

👮🏻‍♂️  Activists using FRT to ID police
For years, cops have relied on facial recognition technology to identify civilians. In Portland, Oregon, and other cities, the tables are turning. Shouldn’t AI solutions be for everyone?