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I have two content ideas. You have the power to decide if I work on them by clicking on the links on each one (you can click on both links):Our article on Y Combinator-backed failed startup has done it really well (+60k people have read it in the last two weeks). We can create similar articles for other startup programs like 500 Startups and Techstars. If you would read this content, click on this link (it’ll r-direct you to the YC article).Yesterday, the US streaming platform Quibi shut down, only 7 months after it’s launch. Their failure story is super interesting; it includes burning +$2 billion from investors. If you would like to read an in-depth research of their shut down, click on this link (it’ll redirect you to a WSJ article about Quibi’s shut down).
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ARTICLEFind & Hire Developers for Your Startup [2020 Guide]Here’s a detailed guide and infographic on the steps you should take in order to find and hire the best developers and CTOs for your startup.

This article was originally published last year. We have completely re-written it.Read More +
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