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👋 Hey Failories! It’s Nico over here.

Last week’s article on Y Combinator failed startups completely blew up. It went viral on Hacker News and received tons of shares on social networks. +25k users read it in three days.

Based on all the feedback we received, we’ve made some modifications. Firstly, we corrected some information which was wrong/not clear. Secondly, we removed the “Other startups” section as we decided we would only focus on the biggest failed startups. Finally, we added two new more failed startups stories (Airware and Homejoy).

Today I have two new interviews: a failed live streaming platform that went from 100k users and $1m raised to 0, and a successful SaaS for repair shops which is making $100k/mo. 

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INTERVIEWHow we went from $1M raised and 100k users to shut downZapstream was a social live streaming platform, which competed with Meerkat and Periscope. The startup raised $1m from angels and grew from 0 to 100k users. However, a combination of dwindling engagement, mismanagement of money, and the inability to fundraise further, led to their shut down.Read More +
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INTERVIEWTurning a Personal Problem into a $100k/mo SaaSRepairDesk is a repair management software. Usman came up with the idea when working at his brother’s cellphone repair shop. He developed the software himself along with a web design company he teamed with. His main takeaway from growing this SaaS to +$1M in AAR is to make friends with your customers.Read More +
Hope you enjoy this week’s content.

As I promised you in last week’s email, here’re Failory’s numbers for September.

Website traffic:58,871 users46,937 of the users (79.73%) came from Google searches71,938 sessions156,949 page views
Email newsletter:293 new email subscribers101 unsubscribes7,358 email subscribers28.14% average open rate2.92% average click rate
Revenue:$91.67 from newsletter sponsors$879.99 from affiliates (may slightly change)$403.00 from the “Product-Market Fit” eBook$1,374.66 in total
Expenses:$85.01 in PayPal fees$35.20 in tools (Webflow and Quuu Promote)$109.99 from a VA I’ve hired$31.00 from other expenses$261.20 in totalThis brings up a profit of $1,113.46, which I’m re-investing into more content, the eBook and other projects I’m working on.
That’s all. Let me know if you have any questions. If not, see you next week 😉

– Nico

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