Jai Meher

The truth of action is that every action, significant or insignificant, voluntary or involuntary, is at once impressed in turn upon your mind. Like a non-greasy stain, a light impression can be easily wiped out, but impressions caused by actions conceived in anger, lust or greed are hard to remove.

In short, actions produce impressions, and impressions produce thoughts. Thoughts in turn tend to precipitate further action.

For the purification of your heart, leave your thoughts alone, but maintain a constant vigil over your actions.

When you have thoughts of anger, lust or greed, do not worry about them, and do not try to check them. Let all such thoughts come and go without putting them into action.

Try to think counter-thoughts in order to discern, to discriminate, to learn, and above all to unlearn the actions which are prompted by your own impressions.


[LISTEN, HUMANITY. By Meher Baba. NARRATED AND EDITED By D.E. Stevens. An Avatar Meher Baba Trust eBook June 2011. Copyright © 1957 by Sufism Reoriented, Inc.Copyright © 1982 Avatar Meher Baba Trust]

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  1. Very interesting words. I do not agree with the statement that you should leave our thoughts alone. Your thoughts, your basic and fundamental premises in viewing and reacting to the world, are what determines your thoughts, feelings and actions. If they produce action you do not like, you should examine them, find the error and correct it. An engineer would not continue building an engine if they discovered there was a flaw in the scientific principles behind the engine.

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