7. World Mental Health Day –10th October

7. World Mental Health Day 10th October

World Mental Health Day

This day raises awareness of several mental health issues and aims to destigmatize the myths around them. This year, the focus is on suicide prevention.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: How to respond if someone shares their mental health journey with you
  • Infographic idea: X Mental health helplines you should be aware of
  • Video idea: How can having a mental illness affect your memory?
  • Podcast idea: How can you take care of your mental health during quarantine?

Brand campaign that worked:

This ad talks about how you should talk about mental health with your friend if you feel something is amiss – even if that conversation may seem awkward.

8. World Migratory Bird Day 10October

Migratory Bird Day

This day is celebrated to highlight to need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: X Birds that are at risk due to rising global warming levels
  • Infographic idea: Which are the migratory birds in India and their seasons?
  • Video idea: Sanctuaries in India for every bird lover
  • Podcast idea: X Tips to observe birds without scaring them

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