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It turns out that ‘beiger’ isn’t a word

It turns out that ‘beiger’ isn’t a word Perhaps it should be, given how much time is spent trying to make things more and more beige. Bland is not a helpful goal. The goal could be to become useful, remarkable and worth seeking out. To do something that’s hard to replace, groundbreaking or thrilling. Generous … Continue reading It turns out that ‘beiger’ isn’t a word

nik’s ebook summary newsletter

Hey, it's Nik with a new book summary for you! We have some big plans forming in the background with Four Minute Books, part of which might affect how often we publish new summaries. We don't have it figured out yet, but as soon as we do, I promise we'll let you know - along … Continue reading nik’s ebook summary newsletter

What’s the Opposite of Déjà Vu? | Word Genius HomeBlogDaily quizAll wordsContact usWhat’s the Opposite of Déjà Vu?Thursday, October 32 min readYou may encounter these disconcerting moments from time to time — instances where you walk into a new situation and find it oddly familiar despite never having experienced it before. This common phenomenon is called déjà vu, French for “already seen.”At its opposite is … Continue reading What’s the Opposite of Déjà Vu? | Word Genius

wisdom quotes

All your actions you make today can bring you a better tomorrow.What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. (Ralph Marston)==========Judge your day by the seeds you plant for tomorrow, not by the harvest you received from the seeds of yesterday.Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that … Continue reading wisdom quotes


WORD OF THE DAY Forfendfor-FENDPart of speech: verbOrigin: Middle English, 14th century 1Avert, keep away, or prevent (something evil or unpleasant)2Protect (something) by precautionary measures.   Examples of Forfend in a sentence "The fence should forfend rabbits getting into the garden." "We need to rent tents to forfend against any showers during the reception."

7. World Mental Health Day –10th October

7. World Mental Health Day –10th October This day raises awareness of several mental health issues and aims to destigmatize the myths around them. This year, the focus is on suicide prevention. Content marketing ideas: Listicle idea: How to respond if someone shares their mental health journey with youInfographic idea: X Mental health helplines you should … Continue reading 7. World Mental Health Day –10th October