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I’ve been looking forward to publishing today’s articles for a long time. Both of them are incredible readings and I’m sure you’ll learn various things from each.

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ARTICLEBiggest Y Combinator Failed Startups+400 YC-backed startups have closed their doors in the last 15 years. Here are some of their biggest failures, sorted by funding.

One of my favorite articles lately.
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ARTICLEThe Biggest Shark Tank FailuresShark Tank investors have committed mistakes, financing startups that later on closed and missing great investment opportunities. Here are their worst failures.Read More +
I really hope you enjoy and find useful both of the articles. We put a ton of work behind each of them. If you have any feedback, it’d be super appreciated.

I don’t really have any other news. I wanted to send Failory’s September monthly report (traffic, newsletter growth, revenue and expenses) but I haven’t had time to work on it yet so you’ll have to wait until next week.

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