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History in the Headlines
Vote-by-Mail Programs Date Back to the Civil WarU.S. armed forces have long used the mail to cast their ballots from the front lines.READ MORE
The 1868 Louisiana Massacre That Reversed Reconstruction-Era GainsThe Opelousas Massacre terrorized African American voters and stopped local Black political progress in its tracks.READ MORE
The Mariel Boatlift: How Cold War Politics Drove Thousands of Cubans to FloridaAfter Fidel Castro loosened emigration policies, some 125,000 Cubans landed on U.S. shores over a span of five months in 1980.READ MORE
How St. Augustine Became the First European Settlement in AmericaSt. Augustine, Florida was founded by Spanish explorers long before Jamestown and the Plymouth Colony.READ MORE
HISTORY This Week PodcastDelegates gather as the Stamp Act Congress to respond to the British tax on the colonies. Find out how riots over the Stamp Act played a role in igniting the American Revolution.LISTEN NOW
How a Camping Trip Created our National ParksOn October 1, 1890—130 years ago tomorrow—Yosemite National Park was established by Congress. Years later, here’s how John Muir helped Teddy Roosevelt create a nation-wide park service. Watch Now ›
THE NEW YORK TIMESSeeing Our Own Reflection in the Birth of the Self-Portrait
TIMEAn Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Captured American Imaginations in the Nation’s Earliest Days
NPRA Military 1st: A Supercarrier Is Named After An African American Sailor