China Plans to Launch an Antitrust Probe Into Google

An unsuspecting customer, ME, I was in for a shock.

VISA Card I used for 20 years was declined by Google Play – for an annual subscription I had for GOOGLE 1 which is its Cloud service.

When I tried to remove and input the Credit card into payment methods second shock! It won’t accept it except from Axis bank and SBI ! 

I approached my bank who told me they have blacklisted this App due to suspicious activity but FAILED TO INFORM the customers that they are going to decline the subscription payment to the App.

Third shock, I deleted and made new Google payment profile.   And within an hour all years of stored GOOGLE PHOTOS, FOLDERS went POOF! Because I did have whant Google Play accept as ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT METHODS.

Fourth, I wrote to Google, Citi, Visa on Twitter about this but never got any response.  Nor did I get it from the Minister of IT for whom Chinese Mobile manufacturers and Google, FAcebook are the dearest. 

I wish there was a better redressaal system in India for consumer woes.

“Couple of years ago, same VISA supplier bank banned Paypal without notice to customers and I suffered..  No apology.  I wish I had changed my credit card issuing bank but I was Old, Retired and a Heart/Diabetes patient and did not wish to run around chasing credit card sales people.