1. International Day of Older Persons–1 October

Content Marketing Ideas for your October calendar

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October Content Marketing

Autumn leaves and cool breeze, the month of October ushers in a brand-new season; one that lights up the country in vibrant colors and bright lights. And despite the ongoing pandemic, it’s time to make peace with the present and put on a smile, in the renewed hope of better things to come. Read on to know how you can use content marketing ideas in October to bring various shades of happiness to your consumers. 

October is the month of transition
As the monsoon begins its retreat throughout India, the sweltering heat is slowly replaced with cool evenings. Giddy golden leaves pave walkways across the country.Festive fervour tightens its grip, gully cricket pops up everywhere, markets are flooded with wares and buyers, refrigerators stocked with sweets, light sweaters aired out, gifts bought and exchanged, and complicated lists drawn up – dry fruits for some, juice boxes for others.Long strolls come back in fashion, as do long evenings spent in parks. Family picnics, the annual cleaning, late-night get-togethers … In a world as confusing as the one we inhabit right now, aren’t we glad there is still an October?But this year October will be met by humanity already under transition.
A lot of the things we took for granted every October won’t be possible this time around. But October is the perfect month to draw up new traditions, hold our loved ones close, and evaluate what we truly care about.

1. International Day of Older Persons1October

International Day of Older Persons

This day brings to light issues faced by the elderly, including common illnesses faced by them, neglect, and abuse.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: X Movies that offer insight into issues that older people face
  • Infographic idea: Small changes you can make to your lifestyle to accommodate an older person
  • Video idea: Experiences that can make it worth being older
  • Podcast idea: What can we learn from the older generation about feeling young?