word of the day

WORD OF THE DAY Tombolatom-BOH-laPart of speech: nounOrigin: Italian, 19th century 1A game in which people pick tickets out of a revolving drum and certain tickets win immediate prizes, typically played at a fete or fair.   Examples of Tombola in a sentence "I hear Jonathan is running the tombola stall at the fair this year." "The young child was an … Continue reading word of the day

Covid survivor’s dARK POETRY

The Accelerated Stranger At The Corn (Corona) - A Narrative Poem by jay One day at a Covid-19 shop,I met a man selling cats,For money he wanted to swap,But I really wanted some bats. "Got any bats?" asked I."For that's how I'll spend my money.""No bats here!" said the guy.He seemed to find it quite … Continue reading Covid survivor’s dARK POETRY

random acts of kindness

1. Donate musical instruments, sports equipment, and electronics you are no longer using. 2. Drop off a pizza to someone who just had a baby, had surgery, or you just think might need a break from dinner making 3. Leave a RedBox code or a pack of microwave popcorn at the RedBox machine 4. Make … Continue reading random acts of kindness

Covid-19: Milestones of the global communicable

Covid-19: Milestones of the global communicable because the variety of Covid--related deaths passes the one-million mark, we look back at the beginnings of the communicable and the key moments as the virus spread the world over. information of a. mystery virus aboriginal emerged in china, with a array of situations within the metropolis of Wuhan. … Continue reading Covid-19: Milestones of the global communicable

19. International Translation Day – 30September

19. International Translation Day – 30September This day celebrates the role of language professionals in connecting nations and fostering peace, understanding, and development. Content marketing ideas: Listicle idea: X Easiest languages to learnInfographic idea: X Words that have different meanings in different languagesVideo idea: How are various languages structured?Podcast idea: Are multilingual children smarter? O