weird words 50

  1. labilityplasticity; openness to change or breakdown
  2. molinaryof, like or pertaining to mills or grinding
  3. gyrosehaving a folded surface; marked with wavy lines
  4. semelparousreproducing only once in its lifetime
  5. obdormitionnumbness in a limb caused by pressure on a nerve
  6. Laodiceanlukewarm; half-hearted
  7. chronosynchronicitypresentation of all stages of a person’s life in a single piece of art
  8. conatusa natural impulse or tendency
  9. paedotrophyart of rearing children
  10. leporineof, like or pertaining to the hare
  11. exactorone who exacts; extortioner; claimer of rights
  12. gudgeonmetal socket into which the pintle of a boat’s rudder fits
  13. iviTahitian chestnut tree
  14. scarifyto scratch or scar
  15. currycombmetal comb used to groom horses
  16. acropathydisease or illness of the extremities
  17. loricatearmoured with plates or scales; to coat or armour protectively
  18. onomatomaniairresistible desire to repeat certain words
  19. mesothermplant living only in moderate climates
  20. pipaChinese lute
  21. cippusthe stocks
  22. wheyoff-white
  23. iceblinkglare in the sky caused by light reflected off ice
  24. sordflock of mallard
  25. chiropodymedical science of feet
  26. metaphysischange in form; metamorphosis
  27. palaeosophyancient learning or thought
  28. borborygmusrumbling noise in the intestines
  29. taureanof, like or pertaining to a bull
  30. proditortraitor
  31. cruciferousbearing a cross
  32. paedophageeater of children
  33. viminalpertaining to twigs
  34. couchantin heraldry, an animal lying on its belly with head lifted
  35. zooculturedomestication of animals
  36. liquifactionthe act of liquefying something
  37. emicateto sparkle
  38. eremologystudy of deserts
  39. tumblehomeinward curve of upper parts of sides of a ship
  40. nitriaryartificial bed of animal matter used to produce nitre
  41. arundiferousbearing or producing reeds
  42. corsletarmour for the torso
  43. sabretachesatchel suspended from cavalry officer’s belt
  44. auliccourtly; ceremonious; genteel
  45. hamartiologystudy of sin
  46. zoothapsispremature burial
  47. resiniferousbearing resin
  48. ammophiloussand-loving; preferring to dwell in sand
  49. fleerto mock; to jeer; to make faces in contempt
  50. genappesmooth worsted yarn