random acts of kindness 50

  1. Leave a kind message anywhere (in a library book, on a computer etc.)
  2. Feed a stray animal if you spot one
  3. At the post office, leave some extra stamps at the stamp machine
  4. Take blankets or warm clothing to a homeless person
  5. Share something interesting you’ve learnt today
  6. Feeling brave? Give blood
  7. Give a phone card to someone
  8. Pay it forward
  9. Have a cleanup party in the park
  10. Ask someone if you can help
  11. Buy a meal for a homeless person
  12. Make kindness bookmarks and give them away
  13. Buy something for the person behind you in line
  14. Pick up somebody else’ tab next time you go for a coffee
  15. When it’s summer and hot, give out cold Gatorades to your mail carrier and garbage men
  16. Thank your bus or taxi driver
  17. Let you staff leave work an hour early
  18. We all love surprises! Buy someone an unexpected gift
  19. Post a list of random acts of kindness in a public place
  20. Visit a friend who’s sick
  21. Get together with friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers and family and brainstorm ways you can show kindness to yourselves, to others and to the earth
  22. Wave back to children who wave to you
  23. Make an effort to get to know someone you don’t usually talk to
  24. Carry around a care package of food or toiletries that you can give to a homeless person
  25. Leave enough money in the vending machine for the next person to get a free treat.
  26. Send a treat to a school or day-care center
  27. Tell a story to kids in the park
  28. Support a small, local business as a customer
  29. Out of the blue, send flowers to a friend
  30. Leave a big tip
  31. Throw away your trash – and someone else’s – after a movie, picnic or visit to a park
  32. Tell a friend about ARK/World Kindness Day
  33. Let someone know how much you appreciate them
  34. Hold the door for someone
  35. Ask a teenager for their opinion… and then really listen to them
  36. Leave someone flowers anonymously
  37. Open the door for someone
  38. Send a card to someone in the military overseas
  39. Make someone’s day – tell a friend why you appreciate them
  40. Share kind, positive quotes that inspire you
  41. Offer to babysit your siblings/cousins/nephews/nieces etc
  42. Offer to help your neighbours/friends with chores
  43. Share today’s food with your neighbour!
  44. Laugh often
  45. Leave a book you already finished somewhere for someone else to read
  46. Tell your children you love them
  47. It’s hard to stay connected – reach out to an elderly person you know
  48. Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you in line
  49. Cut an article out of the newspaper that would interest a friend and mail it to them
  50. Share your lunch with a friend