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👋 Hey Failories! It’s Nico over here.

2 weeks ago we started working on our first eBook. Today I have some exciting news 😉

Based on the feedback I asked you some weeks ago for our #1 digital product, we came up with two eBook ideas.

In order to find which one would perform the best, we created some quick copywriting and images and launched two pre-sales pages on Gumroad.

Then we split our newsletter into two and we sent each half a different eBook. Some of you received the eBook about failed startups; some others the one about product-market fit.

10 days later and we have a winner. The eBook titled “Product-Market Fit: Deep-dive into how 7 startups achieved it” has performed x2 better, which is why we’ve decided to put 100% of our efforts into it.

The price for that eBook started at $7 and has since been increased to $10. However, as you form part of Failory’s newsletter, I’ve created the discount code “failure” which will give you a 30% discount. Make sure to use it ASAP as I’ll be removing it soon!

The eBook will be an amazing reading, I promise you that. We’re defining the topics and case studies that it will include, so I’ll share final details next week, but I promise it will deliver a ton of value.

We’re also adding ideas suggested by customers. So if there’s anything (related) you would like to learn about in the eBook, I’m happy to add it!

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Hope you enjoy this week’s stuff ❤️

One more time, here’s the link to the “Product-Market Fit” eBook. Make sure to use the discount code “failure” to get a 30% discount. We’re 26 copies aways from increasing the price by $3, so make sure to get it now.

I frequently openly share Failory’s numbers and metrics and thought some of you could find it interesting to see our Gumroad analytics:

If you have any feedback or ideas for the eBook, they would be highly appreciated.

– Nico