weird words 50

  1. frondiferousbearing or producing fronds
  2. quiniblehigh-pitched voice; a musical part pitched very high
  3. whipjackwhining beggar who pretends to be a sailor
  4. aphrasiainability to speak
  5. soricineof, like or pertaining to shrews
  6. tressilateto quiver
  7. waxclothoilcloth; linoleum
  8. pundigrionplay on words; pun
  9. scutigerousbearing a shield or scales
  10. zonaryof or like a zone; arranged in zones
  11. pensumtask; school imposition
  12. dichroscopeinstrument for examining crystals for dichroism
  13. plumigerousplumaged
  14. genappesmooth worsted yarn
  15. vandolastringed lute-like Spanish instrument
  16. monodymournful ode or poem performed by a single mourner
  17. privityprivacy; secrecy; secret or confidential conversation
  18. equanimityevenness of mind or temper; calmness
  19. systematologystudy of systems
  20. vernalizeto make springlike; to freshen
  21. arrondiof a heraldic device, having rounded sides
  22. viaggiatorytraveling frequently
  23. asinineof, like or pertaining to asses; stupid
  24. aspersedin heraldry, covered with an indefinite number of small figures
  25. malisona curse
  26. warrenheart-shaped hoe
  27. centopatchwork composition; collection of short quotations
  28. tilthagricultural work
  29. afterhandsubsequently
  30. leprosariumhospital for lepers
  31. woundycausing wounds; characterized by wounds
  32. dogcartlight two-wheeled carriage with seats back-to-back
  33. improvidentlacking foresight; thoughtless
  34. infomaniaexcessive devotion to accumulating facts
  35. vizardmask
  36. velutinousvelvety; having a downy covering
  37. calesasmall two-wheeled horse-drawn buggy
  38. antistrophonturning of opponent’s own argument against them
  39. urbicidedestruction of a city
  40. hiantgaping
  41. regredeto retrograde
  42. epitrachelionstole of an Orthodox priest or bishop
  43. eagresudden rise of tide in a river
  44. philematologythe act or study of kissing
  45. sacralgiapain in the sacrum
  46. musicastera mediocre musician
  47. lypemaniaextreme pathological mournfulness
  48. washboardbroad thin plank along ship’s gunwale to keep out sea water
  49. hederiferousivy-bearing
  50. celliferousbearing cells

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