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Hey there, it’s Nik again with 3 more free book summaries for you!

It’s only September, but I usually spend the majority of the last 3-4 months of the year thinking about how I want to tackle the next.

My partner Luke Rowley is similar: He has summarized over 200 books for Four Minute Books, and now, for his own project Goal Engineering, he picked the 3 best books about setting and achieving goals, along with a few other honorable mentions.

I highly recommend you check it out, his systems and tracking tools are impeccable! Alright, let’s get into this week’s books.

See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar

1-Sentence-Summary: See You At The Top shows you how to have a spiritually, socially, financially, and physically successful and meaningful life by utilizing tools like positive thinking, kindness to others, and goal-setting.

  1. Always assume the best in people, including yourself and especially your family members.
  2. Unlock the power of goal-setting by being specific about what you want to aim for and breaking them down into actionable daily steps.
  3. Use the power of a positive attitude to defeat “stinkin’ thinkin’.”

If you want some inspiration to reach your full potential, this book is for you.

Why “A” Students Work For “C” Students by Robert Kiyosaki

1-Sentence-Summary: Why “A” Students Work For “C” Students contains Robert Kiyosaki’s lessons on how the global financial crisis is the result of a lack of education and shows parents how to become truly money literate so they can teach their kids to do the same and attain financial freedom.

  1. Don’t aim for a specific career, set your sights on getting into the right Cashflow Quadrant.
  2. Giving money to your kids is a quick way to cripple them financially.
  3. Most people seek financial advice, but real freedom comes when you look to get a financial education and teach your children to do the same.

If you want to get a real education about money, this book is for you.

Energy by Vaclav Smil

1-Sentence-Summary: Energy makes you smarter by helping you understand where this important aspect of our lives comes from, how we’ve used it throughout history to get to where we are today, and why we need to be careful about how we consume it so that we can have a better future.

  1. Energy means a lot of different things to humans but is important no matter how you choose to look at it.
  2. Nothing on earth can survive without this precious resource.
  3. We need to look to wind, solar, and especially nuclear energy if we want to reduce the negative consequences of our past energy uses.

If you like to learn about science and want to see how we can help the environment, this book is for you.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

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