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Nik’s. book summaries

Hey there, it's Nik again with 3 more free book summaries for you! It's only September, but I usually spend the majority of the last 3-4 months of the year thinking about how I want to tackle the next. My partner Luke Rowley is similar: He has summarized over 200 books for Four Minute Books, … Continue reading Nik’s. book summaries

random paragraph of the day

Balloons are pretty and come in different colors, different shapes, different sizes, and they can even adjust sizes as needed. But don't make them too big or they might just pop, and then bye-bye balloon. It'll be gone and lost for the rest of mankind. They can serve a variety of purposes, from decorating to … Continue reading random paragraph of the day

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In support of the hard-working teacher Sometimes I talk about the education-industrial complex on this blog, rarely with kindness. I captured much of that in Stop Stealing Dreams. Readers will see that not once have I criticized a hard-working teacher who meant well. That’s because it’s the bureaucratic industrial system that’s at fault here, not the … Continue reading Seth godin newsletter

Did you know…

Did you know... ... that today is Lascaux Cave Paintings Day? A collection of prehistoric cave paintings near Montignac, France, were discovered on this day in 1940 by four teenagers who stumbled upon the ancient artwork after following their dog down a narrow entrance into a cavern. The 15,000- to 17,000-year-old paintings, consisting mostly of … Continue reading Did you know…


It’s not quite fair to say that the Stoics were absolutists. In fact, they were absolutists only to themselves. With everyone else, they were relativists. Marcus measured his staff and the strangers he encountered by whether they were trying their best. For them, he looked for excuses and silver linings. With himself? Totally different story. … Continue reading PASSAGE OF THE WEEK: